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Accelerate smart manufacturing with customer-centred ecosystems powered by Salesforce

Reach Industry 4.0 goals and jumpstart your smart factory journey

Identifying the right ecosystem-benefit combinations

How can smart manufacturing navigate uncertainty in today’s shifting landscape? Salesforce and Deloitte can help you put your customers at the heart of your organisation by building a connected, innovative ecosystem around them. Deloitte and the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation’s (MAPI) latest report surveyed more than 1,000 manufacturing executives and discovered that investing in an ecosystem approach can help you drive results while adapting to the next normal.

The graphic below highlights how Salesforce can help you identify the right ecosystem-benefit combinations for your business and provide the digital tools to help you amplify network strength, co-innovation and collaboration.

Deloitte can help you build your customer-centered ecosystem

As you jumpstart your smart factory journey, Deloitte can help you build your customer-centred ecosystem by:

  • Shaping the ecosystem through an agile transformation roadmap
  • Helping you redefine how you go to market with your ecosystem and channel partners
  • Integrating the Salesforce platform to other key manufacturing systems, removing data silos to increase efficiency and unlock insights to deliver unmet customer needs
  • Accelerating design and implementation of the Salesforce platform capabilities by leveraging pre-built connectors and templates
  • Guiding your organisation through the change process and boost adoption

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Portability of knowledge

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