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Why Choose Oracle Cloud Applications?

How Oracle Cloud Applications Can Transform Operations

Globally, companies are beginning to understand the power of transitioning to the cloud. As technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, the old methods of continuously updating customised on-premises infrastructure and operating with disconnected business applications may no longer be sufficient. In order to outpace change and be prepared for the future, organisations should modernise their operations with fully integrated, cloud-based enterprise software, like Oracle Cloud Applications.

Highly customised, on-premises systems can’t keep up with the changing needs of the business. With Oracle Cloud Applications, organisations have access to emerging technologies.

Potential Benefits of Transitioning to Oracle Cloud Applications

Aside from staying current on the latest technology innovations, Oracle Cloud Applications offer business opportunities that outdated legacy systems can’t, including:

  • Lower costs: Oracle Cloud Applications can dramatically reduce expenses, especially when it comes to hardware, maintenance and IT. 
  • Agility: Oracle Cloud Applications give organisations the flexibility to respond quickly and easily to changing industry conditions, emerging technologies and customer demands. 
  • Scalability: With Oracle Cloud Applications, organisations shouldn’t worry about outgrowing their technology. Each application has built-in scalability that’s been tested in extreme scenarios. 
  • Higher security: Oracle Cloud Applications are designed for maximum security and reduced risk thanks to self-repairing systems on Oracle’s autonomous database.
  • Reduced error: With Oracle’s automated business processes and unified data access, organisations can dramatically reduce errors.

Clients drive digital transformation with Deloitte and Oracle Cloud

As organisations grow frustrated with their outdated legacy systems and learn the benefits of moving to the cloud, many are transitioning to Oracle Cloud Applications. For example, Titan International, Inc., and the City of Atlanta migrated to Oracle Cloud, with the help of Deloitte as their implementation partner.

Titan International

Titan International decided to make the transition from an on-premise ERP solution to Oracle Cloud Applications. Titan selected Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud, Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud, and Oracle IoT applications to better support their customers and gain a competitive advantage. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Titan has been able to take advantage of a single integrated cloud platform, standardise processes and manage data in an efficient, streamlined way.

We chose Oracle because we have multiple systems across our enterprise, so we had perfect visibility into what was going on within our businesses and, when we looked at what we wanted to do, Oracle was making a huge investment into cloud technology and it seemed like the best solution for us. We selected Deloitte as our implementation partner and, over time, they’ve become part of our team.
Jeff Blattner, Director of IT, Titan International, Inc.

With Oracle Cloud Applications, Titan can now automate manual processes, utilise Oracle’s predictive maintenance technology and access financial services, supply chain and manufacturing data on a unified platform, increasing transparency and collaboration among staff.

The City of Atlanta

In February 2019, Atlanta got the chance to host the Super Bowl. To keep up with the demands of the hundreds of thousands of people flocking to the city and the additional personnel needed to support them, the City of Atlanta needed more sophisticated software, and fast. However, more than that, the City was looking to modernise the way they conducted their human resources, financial management and procurement operations. With the help of Deloitte as their implementation partner, the City of Atlanta became the first U.S. city to simultaneously implement the full suite of HR and finance cloud products. By implementing Oracle Cloud Applications, including Oracle ERP, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud, city employees were able to access every aspect of their business processes from any device, accelerating the pace of their workflows and operations while lowering costs and heightening security.

The City of Atlanta had a cyber attack in May of 2018 and cloud solutions were the safest ones. We didn’t have any repercussions at all. It was the in-house applications, the in-house databases that suffered the most. Some of them took quite a bit of time to recover, the cloud applications didn’t have any issues.

- Alfonso Pinan, Director of Financial Systems Services, City of Atlanta

By implementing Oracle Cloud Applications, organisations can operate more safely, improve efficiency, lower costs, gain access to emerging technologies, and achieve operational excellence through more agile, automated, and integrated systems. By using Deloitte as their implementation partner, the City of Atlanta was able to make the transition to Oracle Cloud quickly and efficiently with minimal workflow disruptions.

Understand the combined power Deloitte and Oracle

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