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Oracle perspective: Tech Trends 2020

Empowering the digital journey with Oracle

To disrupt, rather than be disrupted, is easier said than done. With business and technology inextricably linked, keeping pace with the technical landscape as it evolves can be difficult for even the most tech-savvy leaders. Trends evolve in unexpected ways, sometimes giving rise to opportunities and innovations we could never have imagined. Oracle technologies are primed to empower organisations to harness emerging innovative digital trends that can facilitate true business transformation.

Empowering the digital journey with Oracle

Architecting for longevity and adaptability requires a deep understanding of both today’s realities and tomorrow’s possibilities. Our Deloitte professionals have deep experience applying Oracle technologies to help organisations achieve business goals and leveraging the Oracle platform to provide the focussed, relevant insights that are critical for maintaining competitive advantage.

This perspective explores Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2020 report with an Oracle lens to provide a look into how the modern enterprise may navigate each trend with Oracle technologies. We hope it can be the catalyst to help you and your organisation through its digital evolution.

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