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How FedEx baked continuous innovation into the enterprise | WIRED magazine article

Every company values innovation, but do they have the framework to enable it continuously?

Innovation is increasingly becoming a core part of business DNA. This article showcases FedEx’s digital transformation journey and how they teamed with Deloitte and Oracle to establish a tested methodology for developing an innovation capability for enterprise: Deloitte’s Digital Foundry for Oracle Cloud.

The challenge

Leading organisations are finding that developing an innovation capability on the enterprise side is not only important, but requires as much focus as applying innovation-as-a-practice on the front-end. FedEx put this insight to work when it teamed up with Deloitte to bring cloud-based innovations to its finance and supply-chain functions (aka CBS–Corporate Business Services) via an organisation specifically focussed on business transformation. FedEx–world-renowned for its breakthrough in rapid delivery logistics–wanted to apply a similar level of innovation to the ways CBS supported enterprise functions.

The WIRED article “How FedEx baked continuous innovation into the enterprise” showcases how Deloitte’s Digital Foundry enabled by Oracle, helped FedEx establish the framework it needed to innovate at the enterprise level and move the business forward.

Successful business performance often hinges upon making innovation continuous across the organisation, including the back-office—and that’s what Deloitte’s Digital Foundry Offering for Oracle is all about.

Digital Foundry is a disciplined approach, methodology and set of services for making innovation continuous. This Digital Foundry offering provides organisations with the opportunity to drive continuous innovation and was designed to overcome the barriers to innovation unique to the enterprise. This approach is based on four key disciplines that enable organisations to create value and help an organisation look beyond just applying technology to business use cases (aka committing random acts of digital) to instead create a scalable, disciplined approach that enhances its ecosystem, leadership and culture, all elements without which the capability for continuous innovation can’t develop.

Like an actual foundry, Digital Foundry provides a foundation to generate a stream of breakthrough performance ideas and solidify them into compelling business outcomes that have the potential to be much more rewarding than traditional methods.

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