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Creating an agile enterprise built to evolve with Deloitte and Oracle

Deloitte Tech Trends explores how to capitalise on cloud-based Oracle technologies

Businesses around the world remain determined to either find a way forward or to make one after the previous year’s disruption. Many are aligning corporate and technology strategy and turning to technology platforms such as Oracle to enable it. With technologies and applications that can modernise the core, incorporate emerging technologies, harness data, produce meaningful insights and transform supply chains -all while shoring up cyber defences, Oracle is primed to help organisations build an enterprise that can evolve and take on the next disruption with agility and resiliency.

Accelerate digital transformation

The COVID-19 crisis has driven change in an important and unexpected way. A growing number of organisations across sectors are accelerating their digital transformation efforts not only to make their operations nimbler and more efficient but also to respond to dramatic fluctuations in demand and customer expectations.

This perspective examines the Deloitte Tech Trends report through an Oracle lens to explore how organisations can capitalise on each trend by applying Oracle technologies. It includes an overview of the report’s nine chapters, accompanied by deep dives into three areas that may be of special interest to Oracle clients. We hope it will spark ideas for harnessing the power of the Oracle ecosystem to accelerate your digital transformation efforts—and ultimately to become a more agile and resilient enterprise.

Trend deep-dive chapters

Explore more in these deep-dive chapters on how to build an enterprise that can evolve and take on the next disruption with agility and resiliency.

Imagine, Modernise and Innovate with ELEVATE

Modernising legacy enterprise systems and migrating them to the cloud may help unleash an organisation’s digital potential but could also bust that same budget. ELEVATE, a collaboration between Oracle Consulting and Deloitte, is designed to help companies assemble the transformational pieces into a complete picture—all while potentially creating positive cash-flow and decreasing risk by tying payments to successful results.

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Feeding a future-ready foundation

With machine learning poised to overhaul enterprise operations and decision-making, legacy data models and infrastructure could be a roadblock to success. Oracle tools and technologies readily fit together into a powerful analytical ecosystem to enable the rapid flow and analysis of data to help organisations turn growing volumes of data into a future-ready foundation for a new era.

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Never trust, always verify

Porous perimeters and ever-expanding attack surfaces are making conventional castle-and-moat cybersecurity models irrelevant to continually evolving cyber threats. Using the zero-trust framework and leveraging the security capabilities inherent in many Oracle technologies and applications, Deloitte can help organisations to build zero trust thinking into the enterprise.

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