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Deloitte CampusCloud transforms higher education operations

Modernised student information and ERP systems in one solution powered by Oracle

Colleges and universities need to think fast and act fast to make quick decisions that impact their operations, both financially and in terms of student satisfaction. Yet, many do not have the modern, extensible ERP systems needed to analyse data, model scenarios and provide the insights their administrators need to make informed decisions. Similarly, the on-premises legacy student information systems that many institutions rely upon, do not have the capacity to meet the needs of today’s students who expect a consumer-grade, modern user experience for nearly every aspect of their educational journey, from selecting their courses to paying their tuition.

Shorten the learning curve on higher-ed transformation

Higher education is at an inflection point, where institutions can modernise their ERP and student information systems with greater ease and affordability than previously thought possible—all through the power of the cloud. To help institutions navigate their transition to a “student first” environment faster, Deloitte developed CampusCloud which can cut costs, reduce deployment time and quickly provide analytical insights.

Fast-track your cloud journey

The Deloitte CampusCloud offering is both an accelerator and a way to humanise leading-edge technologies. Designed with extensibility and sustainability in mind, CampusCloud is built on Oracle Cloud as the core platform layer.

This modular structure is further enhanced by a client layer that allows the offering to be tailored for institution-specific requirements and an innovation layer comprising cutting-edge digital technologies and features (e.g., AI, live video chat, robotic process automation and chatbots).

Model what-ifs and more

CampusCloud incorporates leading practices deployed on Oracle EPM Cloud to provide an integrated financial planning and modelling solution. With it, you can gain the ability to:

  1. Perform scenario analysis for multiple enrollment plans, accommodating bottom-up planning by academic officers as well as top-down planning by finance staff;
  2. Model real-time results while adjusting for enrollment demand and underlying cost drivers, which can help in determining the optimal number of classes to be offered by programme based on contribution (by campus and academic unit);
  3. Analyse capacity constraints and utilisation, which can help in aligning the enrollment plan with available space;
  4. Reduce uncertainties and inconsistencies in the revenue and expense planning process by leveraging institutional, standardised drivers;
  5. Create multi-year enrollment plans that are data-driven versus indicative by incorporating historical trends, financial actuals and student intake information into one central planning tool; and
  6. Incorporate workforce planning into the budgeting and forecasting process.

Gain unified insights

CampusCloud includes cutting-edge, prepackaged analytical applications based on the Deloitte Analytic Objects (DAO) for Campus module, built on the Oracle Analytics Cloud platform. This module provides high-level and detailed analytics of key student areas such as predicting which applicants will be successful, identifying students that are struggling and how to improve student engagement and success. It also has the capacity to provide integrated insights by connecting analytics across different functions to identify key attrition risk factors. By allowing multiple stakeholders to communicate based on the same set of truths, the offering can promote agility and transparency and enable holistic decision-making.

Institutions can integrate accelerators to gain high-level and detailed insights

  • Month End Closure Performances
  • General Ledger: financial statements, ratios and cost metrics
  • Days Payments Outstanding Trend metrics

  • Procurement performance on requisitions, purchases, and invoices
  • Sophisticated spend analysis and supplier evaluation
  • Spend classification, anomaly detection and demand forecasting analytics

  • Workforce movement metrics
  • Labour Spend vs. Plan
  • Demographics / EEO
  • Learning Effectiveness
  • Talent Development and Performance

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Students are in the driver’s seat. Amid intense competition for learners, especially internationally, institutions are being pressured to deliver a next-gen user experience while simultaneously controlling costs and improving profitability. Deloitte CampusCloud is designed to fulfil these seemingly opposing goals. It is a flexible tool that can meet the escalating demands of students, including expectations of mobility, interoperability and user-friendliness. At the same time, it can streamline operations and give administrators and C-suite leaders unified insights.

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