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Deloitte XaaS Offering for Oracle accelerates transformation

Preconfigured solution powers end-to-end XaaS-enabled modernisation

Anything as a service can make everything possible. Originating with software as a service, the concept of delivering services, products and tools on-demand has expanded so much that it has spawned a new term: “Anything as a Service,” or XaaS for short. By leveraging cloud applications, companies can now enable new business models and transform existing ones in ways that were previously unimaginable.

About Deloitte XaaS offering for Oracle

While the term “XaaS” is relatively new, the idea is not. Software vendors are moving to flexible consumption models en masse, providing a broader range of XaaS solutions from which to choose. This gives organisations the chance to purchase everything from platforms and infrastructure to billing and maintenance on a subscription basis. At the same time, companies across sectors are asking: How can we become XaaS providers ourselves by making our products and services available on demand? And how can we grow revenue, better serve our customers and attain greater agility through XaaS enablement? To take advantage of these opportunities, organisations will first need to shift from a product-centric to a customer-centric culture by addressing capability gaps and transforming their operations.

The Deloitte XaaS Offering for Oracle provides a demonstrated framework for navigating this transition. Backed by a dedicated XaaS practice, the Offering includes a broad range of services to help organisations formulate their business strategies as well as to put in place key capabilities and foundational platforms for enabling their new business models. It includes pre-built integrations, pre-defined templates and standardised data structures designed to accelerate the implementation timeline, reduce risk and minimise resource requirements.

Business outcomes include:

  • Rapid and frictionless introduction of new offerings with attributed based SKUs
  • Intuitive user experience to quickly configure quotes involving complex bundles
  • Feature based pricing allowing customers to pay only for what is consumed
  • Automated order management and orchestration for HW, SW and Services
  • Automated usage data mediation and aggregation to optimise billing
  • Recurring revenue recognition processes and policies; automation of rules and systematic calculation

Get aligned, get focussed and get moving

XaaS Transformation is different for everyone. Deloitte can help you develop the key capabilities and IT foundation needed to deliver your specific, long-term ambitions. Our goal is to assist you in designing and implementing an architecture, either hybrid or cloud, that is supported with the applications, data, infrastructure, integrations and security necessary to support your cloud-enabled business models.

To assist your organisation in developing a shared vision and to orchestrate the many “moving parts” needed to attain it, we have developed an XaaS transformation lab. Through the lab, you can:

  • Gain clarity on what you’re trying to achieve and articulate a shared transformation ambition;
  • Work with you to identify initial offering archetypes that might serve as a pilot for the transformation; and
  • Build confidence in your ability to execute change by identifying actions needed to move forward.

At the end of the day, the lab is designed to support executives in organising and executing the transformation. The Lab environment, exercises and facilitators can help almost any business to get aligned, get focussed and get moving.

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