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Integrate multiple ERPs progressively with Deloitte SuperLedger™ powered by Oracle Cloud

Accelerate and simplify digital transformation

Should we consolidate everything, something, or nothing? This question arises in relation to nearly every M&A transaction, divestiture, or significant business event when finance leaders must figure out how to aggregate and extract data from multiple ERP systems.

One source of truth

A full-scale ERP consolidation, which is needed to gain true visibility and establish a single source of truth, can take several years and millions of dollars. A consolidation with roll-ups into summary-level data only solves immediate needs, while doing little to reduce future manual efforts to gather and reconcile data. And the simplest option of all, which is to implement yet another reporting tool on top of the legacy systems, rarely produces enough detail to be meaningful and it does nothing to tackle the underlying issue of disparate, inconsistent data.

An agile and cost-reducing alternative solution to full ERP consolidation, Deloitte SuperLedger™ can provide sub-ledger transaction details that enable insightful analysis across multiple ERPs through one comprehensive, secure and cloud SaaS-based digital tool.

Optimise finance

Digital finance transformation can move processes and operations to one secure and cloud-based system while empowering next gen global finance automation, predictive analytics and multi geo-specific compliance capabilities.

Deloitte Superledger™ can: 1Drive an efficient alternative to full ERP consolidation enabling progressive integration of select ERPs thoughtfully; 2.Establish one secure source of truth for all financial reporting and analysis while reducing risk of data errors and help to create a templated approach for acquisitions and divestitures; and 3.Deliver a complete FP&A transformation in less than a third of the time of other operations to help accelerate modernisation with quickly realised benefits.

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Complexity has stood in the way of modernisation for many companies for too long. There is a simpler way for finance organisations to begin their digital transformation journeys while reducing costs, establishing one source of truth and making life easier for key players up and down the finance value chain.

Interested in learning more about the impact Deloitte SuperLedger™ can have on your business?

Any company with a disparate ERP environment can potentially benefit from Deloitte SuperLedger™ powered by Oracle Cloud. However, it is particularly well-suited for large, complex, global organizations that have one or more of the following objectives:1.Executing an M&A growth strategy. 2.Preparing for divestures.3.Pursuing several different business models. 4.Implementing shared services