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Deloitte and Oracle JD Edwards (JDE)

JDE Modernisation: Jump forward without switching ERPs

Are you looking to modernise your business and unlock operational efficiencies without switching ERPs? Our JDE modernisation programme can help you access enhanced functionality, gain seamless automation and analytics, and lower your maintenance costs—all while protecting the JDE investments you’ve already made.

Why JDE modernisation?

Many executives are feeling the need to modernize their capabilities in the digital age, but companies running older versions of JDE are facing constraints. While many JDE customers are fiercely loyal to the platform, support has ended for older versions, creating a quandary on how to move forward. A full cloud migration may not be the right fit and moving to another ERP platform altogether could be disruptive and expensive, leaving behind a mountain of technical debt.

Deloitte’s JDE modernisation programme addresses these concerns. It allows current JDE customers to remain on JDE and once upgraded to EnterpriseOne v9.2, it provides access to a number of seamlessly integrated digital assets developed by Deloitte, along with managed services that can relieve maintenance burdens, lower costs and provide access to continuous innovations beyond implementation.

Fast-track roadmap

The Deloitte JDE modernisation programme provides an accelerated digital and cloud roadmap that can help companies to lower their costs and risks while fast-tracking velocity and value in the digital era.

  • Migrate on-prem JDE onto Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

  • Integrate Oracle Cloud Edge products while keeping JDE as core ERP
  • Connect Next Generation Analytics across business functions to create smarter, integrated and forward-looking insights
  • Build digital assets to drive efficiencies across enterprise operations:

- Internet of Things (IoT)
- Mobile Apps
- Cognitive
- Artificial Intelligence
- Blockchain

  • World class managed services

  • Continuous innovations beyond implementation

JDE Modernisation can deliver value via three key levers:

1. Technology

  • Gain agility, cost savings and rapid results
  • Reduce costs by ~40-50% and channel the savings into funding your digital transformation journey
  • Free up support resources to enable further modernisation
  • Leverage a continuous innovation framework

2. Finance

  • Gain new business insights, optimise finance processes and improve reporting efficiency
  • Meet budget expectations through managed services that provide flexible and controllable IT operations tailored to your needs

3. Operations

  • Realise trusted and secure B2B transactions
  • Improve process efficiency and effectiveness through automation and actionable business data
  • Increase visibility across the supply chain
  • Accelerate product traceability

Capabilities and common client use cases

Deloitte is a recognised leader in providing JDE services, with one of the largest and most experienced Oracle practices in the world. Deloitte also distinguishes itself in the marketplace by bringing multi-disciplinary capabilities to its JDE modernisation engagements. These capabilities span strategy, M&A, finance, supply chain, customer relationship management, human capital, tax, cyber security and Industry 4.0 technologies, such as the cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), blockchain and beyond. Our knowledgeable JDE teams take the time to untangle your requirements and understand your aspirations. As illustrated by the following client use cases, our cross-functional insights can help you optimise the value of your JDE investments, unleash synergies and leapfrog the competition.

Implemented an integrated process from sales to estimation to operations and finance for a US-based, global marketing agency and exhibit builder. This enabled the organisation to deploy a common business model defined by new efficient processes across the organisation. The solution encompassed Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Cloud and Oracle EnterpriseOne 9.2 ERP.

  • Reduced by nearly 75% the processing time from quote to contract in JDE.

Developed a “bot” to automate product-costing simulations, comparisons and freezes, which allows plant controllers to concentrate on value-added activities.

  • Saved four full-time-equivalents (FTEs) within the accounts payable team
  • Automated the daily load for 180 purchase-order-based invoices
  • Improved process cycle times by a factor of five
  • Achieved 95% accuracy via an AI algorithm, a percentage which can be improved further by machine learning
  • Created reusable automation components for dynamic navigation of the JDE menu using RPA
  • Used “If-Then-Else” logic for validation and automation of repetitive tasks

Implemented and managed automated, error-free processes, with data integration and automatic updates for a large, North American, construction and engineering company.

  • Reduced manual effort
  • Enhanced reporting capability and quality
  • Drove faster cycle times
  • Fuelled continuous innovation

Digital innovation drives JDE modernisation

Leveraging digital technologies is a big part of value proposition in JDE modernisation. Deloitte has developed a number of automations and integrations to help companies to accelerate their digital transformations and realise value faster.

  • Three-way voucher-match—A bot matches vouchers with taxes and domestic and foreign currencies. If a verification fails, the bot emails the user with a reason.
  • Data-integrity check—A bot runs integrity-check jobs in JDE, reviews report outputs and notifies users to resolve issues.
  • Receipts settlement evaluation—Uses RPA to execute an Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) program in JDE; verifies JDE vouchers by matching them with physical invoices from suppliers.
  • Item master data management—Bots facilitate automatic, mass updates to item masters and item branch masters.
  • Purchase-order RPA—A bot closes open purchase orders in JDE; updates the log files; and communicates the status to users by email.
  • Financial close automation—Provides an integrated framework for combining the power of RPA and JDE UX One. Helps to streamline, centralise, automate and provide visibility into the financial close process.
  • Freight voucher match—A bot logs into JDE; finds the shipment details for the invoice received; and confirms that the details are correct, such as the supplier, weight and billable and payable charges based on freight handling. Once validated, the bot matches the invoice to a freight voucher and posts the voucher transaction.
  • IoT-based touchless procurement, inventory adjustment, and cycle count—Enables real-time transaction processing by utilising sensor readings from Oracle IOT Cloud Service using JDE E1 Orchestrator.
  • AI/ML-driven clean EDI—Uses AI and ML to automatically resolve inbound EDI errors.
  • JDE integration with Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace blockchain solution—Gives eligible internal or external stakeholders secure, real-time, traceable access to transactional data across the supply chain.

Deloitte services for Oracle JDE

  • Provide end-to-end solution and integration architecture and business transformation roadmaps.
  • Deliver a full range of implementation services, including process mapping and requirements, configuration and customisation, integration and data migration, end-to-end testing and solution rollout.
  • Manage change, including communications, change-impact analysis and training.
  • Provide managed services across the application landscape, which can create a self-funding mechanism and increase innovation, with savings of 25-35%.
  • Take a “run the business” approach to providing managed “operate” services, going beyond “keeping the lights on” to modernise applications and related processes.
  • Deliver innovation by deploying Deloitte digital assets and automation.
  • Provide database-administration services and identify areas for applications rationalisation.
  • Deploy innovative tools to expedite release management, patching and impact analysis.
  • Ongoing operation and maintenance of Oracle JDE instance(s), including defect resolution and enhancement requests.
  • Deliver end-to-end Oracle JDE services, with subject matter expertise in project and issue management, systems integration and functional, technical and testing support.

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JDE Modernisation

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