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Mainframe Modernisation with Amazon Web Services

Build the foundation for innovation by transforming your enterprise workloads

Deloitte’s Mainframe Application Modernisation suite, powered by innoWake™, provides enterprises with the capability to transform legacy applications written in languages like COBOL, Natural, PL1, and CA Gen and move them to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a fully automated manner.

For decades, mainframe applications have encompassed the heart of many enterprise workloads

However, organisations that hope to maintain a competitive market position cannot continue to use legacy systems in isolation. Meeting ever-increasing customer expectations requires migrating to a cloud platform that can consolidate data and optimise business functions. The innoWake™ solutions allow organisations to dramatically reduce costs associated with maintaining legacy systems while processing more daily transactions and enhancing batch performance. With these applications now sitting in AWS, enterprises can easily integrate other AWS services with these applications to realise additional value.

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Lower costs

Modernise to reduce capital investments and optimise software licencing to drive costs down.

Increase agility

Enable your business to be more agile and strategically focused to quickly meet market and customer demands.

Drive growth

Leverage new technologies to inform key decisions and gain insights into new opportunities for growth.

  • Mainframe modernisation playbook : Modernise the legacy applications and data that form the foundation of your business. Break free from the upgrade and refresh cycle and transform IT from a cost centre to an innovation engine.
  • 5 best practises in mainframe modernisation : Discover how to remove barriers to the cloud when migrating and modernising your enterprise workloads with this quick-start guide created for a technical audience.
  • A government-wide study on mainframe migration : Insights collected from state, local, and federal government officials by the Government Business Council highlight actionable takeaways for mainframe migration.
  • Mainframe migration (minus the pain) : Mainframes are mission-critical to many businesses, but migrating legacy applications to the cloud can be daunting. The key to success is mitigating risks and controlling costs.

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