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Raising the bar on ethics, integrity and human rights

At Deloitte, we believe all people are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Our commitment to human rights statement affirms our commitments and approach to respecting these rights within our organisation.

Upholding the trust of our clients, communities and people


Around the globe, respected organisations trust us with sensitive and confidential information as we develop new ways forward for their businesses. And it is not just our clients. Our communities and people have also come to know us as a reliable and honest organisation to work with—and for. 

That trust is not something we take lightly. It is grounded in our dedication to ethics and earned by our practices and people. They are the ones who build our culture of integrity through their behaviour and decision-making each day.

How we stand by our beliefs


We live by our Global Code and responsible business practices

Our Global Principles of Business Conduct—or Global Code—are the standards to which we hold ourselves. They outline the commitments that each of us make. Based on our Shared Values, the Global Code reflects our core belief that, at Deloitte, ethics and integrity are fundamental and not negotiable.

Our commitment to responsible business is rooted in our purpose—more than 175 years of making an impact that matters for our people, society and clients. The responsible business practices statement outlines our commitments and the principles we believe in.  


We provide programmes to promote a culture of integrity

The Global Code is complemented by our member firm ethics programmes and reflects our core belief that ethics and integrity are essential to what we to do. These programmes provide support and training to our people to help them build ethical judgement and decision-making skills.


We encourage an environment of consultation

No one should have to navigate a difficult situation alone. When faced with an ethical concern, we encourage our people to consult with their colleagues, line managers, leaders or through their normal work channels. We also offer formal ethics reporting channels for those who prefer confidential consultation. 

Have an ethics issue, concern or grievance to report? Please keep in touch to the ethics officer in the country where the incident took place or report a concern using the contact form.


We comply with laws and policy

Complying with laws, regulations and professional standards in each jurisdiction and territory where we do business is vital for Deloitte entities. In addition, Deloitte member firms implement internal policies and standards to address important professional behaviour that may not be governed by professional requirements. By doing this, we provide quality service to clients and build trust and confidence in global markets.

Integrity is the foundation of our businesses and we aim to do the right thing even—especially—when it is difficult to do so.

Debbie Rheder, Deloitte Global Chief Ethics Officer