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Partnering Against Corruption

Deloitte currently serves as the advisor and knowledge partner to the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative project. Throughout the lifecycle of this three-year project, Deloitte and the Forum collaborate to generate content and research critical to this topic. This page provides details on the WEF initiative as well as key project deliverables, perspectives from Deloitte leaders and links to related eminence.

The full competitive potential for many economies is being hindered by a lack of transparency, ineffective governance, and corruption issues that harm the business environment and society as well as deter investment and development. Deloitte in collaboration with the World Economic Forum has been working to develop practical outcomes and key solutions to increase transparency. Part of the third phase of the Forum’s multi-year Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) project, the Building Foundations for Trust and Integrity initiative specifically addresses corruption risks in infrastructure, engineering, construction, and real estate, with the goal of leveling the playing field through corruption reduction and rebuilding a culture of trust and integrity.

Drawing on recommendations developed during regional workshops and from expert interviews and surveys among the business, civil, and government communities, the initiative explored critical drivers and innovative solutions to rebuild trust and integrity. The project seeks to formulate diagnostic tools and frameworks that can be realised locally and replicated in other geographies. Proposals and policy recommendations on processes and strategies to promote a culture of integrity and reduce corruption are then implemented via project pilots in selected local governments.

For details on the outcomes of the Building Foundations for Trust and Integrity initiative, see the joint Deloitte-Forum reports and deliverables below. Also available are links to Deloitte’s work on key topics related to this initiative as well as leadership perspectives.

Partnering Against Corruption Initiative - Infrastructure & Urban Development Building Foundations for Trust and Integrity

This report examines factors contributing to corruption in Mexico and its infrastructure and urban development sectors, offering a set of solutions that can help further Mexico’s recent efforts to establish renewed trust and build a culture of integrity. Developed by the Forum in collaboration with Deloitte, the report draws on a survey of stakeholders—including from government, civil society, and the private sector—as well as a November 2016 workshop held in Mexico City with business leaders, government ministers, academic experts, and leading NGOs. The report identifies areas where Mexico can make a significant short-term impact while providing strategies for institutional change over the longer term.

View or download this report from the World Economic Forum.

Partnering Against Corruption Initiative Diagnostic tool

This online diagnostic tool works to advance the agenda for greater transparency within a country’s infrastructure and urban development industries. A front-end platform that seeks to inform stakeholders and interested parties about ongoing efforts, the tool provides a visual aggregation of data from various indices and rankings related to corruption and the ease of doing business. The tool was built to be replicated at various levels of government as well as across geographies. Currently the diagnostic tool addresses India and Mexico.

Access the tool Partnering Against Corruption Initiative Diagnostic tool.

Partnering Against Corruption Initiative - Infrastructure & Urban Development: Building Foundations for Transparency

Offering practical outcomes and solutions, this report explores two key areas where technology could help tackle corruption and improve transparency at the state level in Maharashtra, India: permits and licenses; and land purchase, title acquisition, and registration processes. Developed by the Forum in collaboration with Deloitte, the report incorporates ideas from a Mumbai workshop held in December 2015 that focused on collective action and public-private cooperation. Emphasising the need to make India’s construction and real estate industries less prone to corruption, the report uses a solutions-based framework that focuses on enhancing the transparency of processes and technology serving as the optimal channel to address corruption challenges.

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View or download this report from the World Economic Forum.

Building Foundations Against Corruption: Recommendations on Anti-Corruption in the Infrastructure & Urban Development Industries

The engineering, construction, and real estate sectors are at considerable risk of bribery and corruption, now more than ever given the worldwide growth of infrastructure and real estate projects. Based on the responses to a broad survey of stakeholders from these industries, this report presents recommendations to battle corruption among those who deliver infrastructure and urban services. The report, developed by the Forum in collaboration with Deloitte, looks specifically to engage the engineering, construction, and real estate industries in the fight against corruption, calling on them to support collective action and dialogue in key regions and work to advance a level playing field across industry sectors and across communities.

View or download this report from the World Economic Forum.


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