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Providing millions of German students with access to educational insights

The story of Serlo

Through Deloitte’s WorldClass initiative, we are committed to expanding opportunities for 100 million people by 2030. Our professionals are using their skills and expertise to mentor individuals, and to support organisations that are addressing education and skills gaps. The stories in this collection highlight some of the individuals impacted by this work.

Education inequality is a worldwide issue. Simon Köhl, CEO and Founder of Serlo, recognised early on that “education is one of the most important factors in determining future success—everyone should have the same opportunity to receive an education and pursue his or her talents and interests.”

To help solve this challenge around access and opportunity, Serlo drives a vision of enabling personalised learning and providing high-quality educational resources worldwide – completely free of charge.

The platform offers students educational courses, videos, exercises and sample solutions across STEM subjects and skills for the future (such as sustainability) – enabling users to learn independently and at their own pace. As an open source and free learning site, it’s accessible to populations of students who might be currently underserved.

With Deloitte’s financial support and expertise, Serlo provides students with a powerful learning experience—upskilling them one course and educational insight at a time. Students have reported how accessing Serlo has been a lifechanging experience and one which has unlocked their entrepreneurial spirit, confidence and ability to tackle educational questions with a diversity of solutions.