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From grassroots to great heights

Sporting dreams start with watching those at the top. Equal numbers of male and female athletes inspire more to dream and achieve.

For women in sport, the hardest battle has not been against the opposition. Historically, women's sports have been underfunded, under-reported and under-recognised. Where endless broadcast hours have been devoted to men's sports, women’s sports have often been overlooked.

In recent years, progress has been made. More than one hundred years since women first competed at the Olympic Games Paris 1900, the Olympic Games Paris 2024 will be the first edition in history to have an equal number of men and women taking part, presenting an important opportunity for women to shine as athletes and role models for future generations.

As women and girls watch these athletes pursue their dreams, they see possibility—and may imagine dreams of their own. As one promises herself to try a new sport, another vows to improve her game. Somewhere else, a little girl is transfixed by a sport she’s not seen before and pictures herself on the podium one day. Around the world, sports communities are created and strengthened as more women become athletes, coaches, judges and role models.

At Deloitte, through our 10-year partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), we are proud to support and advise the IOC on its diversity, equality and inclusion strategies, starting with a focus on women's equality at Paris 2024.

We want to help make this legacy a reality for people around the world. It’s about empowering women athletes and empowering girls to do sports.

- Alexandra Fournier-Bidoz, Sports Industry Senior Manager, Deloitte France

As the first Olympic Games to have as many women as men competing, Paris 2024 will leave a legacy that endures well beyond 2024.

Working with the IOC, Deloitte has supported the creation of a maturity assessment tool to define progressive maturity levels and action areas related to gender equality, diversity and inclusion in the preparation of international events. For organisers of international sporting events, including future Olympic Games, this tool aims to provide a set of guidelines, with supporting best practice examples, to foster gender equality, diversity and inclusion at events. The tool covers themes including strategy and governance, communication, marketing and event delivery.  To make an ongoing impact, Deloitte hopes to keep this tool updated with best practices from future Olympic Games and other international sporting events.


"Deloitte’s approach aims to help the Olympic Movement to identify social and societal changes in order to support greater inclusion and greater possibility." 

- Alexandra Fournier-Bidoz, Sports Industry Senior Manager, Deloitte France

Paris 2024 is another step forward in levelling the playing field between men and women. By helping create a framework from the first Olympic Games to have an equal number of men and women taking part, Deloitte aims to inspire future organisers and their stakeholders (on and off the field of play) to strive for a more inclusive Olympic and Paralympic Movement. To inspire young generations, including more women and girls, to dream, play and achieve.


"More than a century after women first competed at the Olympic Games Paris 1900, Deloitte is proud to support the IOC’s commitment to advance gender equality in the Olympic Movement, starting with Paris 2024. Deloitte’s role as a TOP partner is to help the IOC to digitally transform and progress its Agenda 2020+5 purpose objectives—to achieve many more “firsts” in sustainability, DEI, fan experience and athlete transition."

- Michele Parmelee, Sustainability, Climate & Equity Principal, Deloitte US


Deloitte | Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Management Consulting Partner

See the possibility. See the impact.

It isn't just the impact on sports, what we are doing here could also affect leading practices for many types of organisations and events around world.

- Gilles Lucien, Sports Industry Leader, Deloitte France

Meet the team

Alexandra Fournier-Bidoz - Senior Manager, Sports Industry, Deloitte France

Alexandra is a senior manager within the Deloitte France Sports & Major Events team. A former international athlete in track and field, she is involved purpose delivery for our partnership with the IOC.

Gilles Lucien - Sports Industry Leader, Deloitte France

Gilles is a partner in the French firm and he is leading the relationship between Paris 2024 and Deloitte.

Florian Rohrig - Senior Manager, Deloitte France

Florian is a senior manager within Deloitte France Consulting. He is committed to helping clients on their sustainable transformation journeys.

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