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Regulatory & Legal Support Services

Through our services, you can identify and manage risks in advance, use technology to your advantage and free up your resources to focus on creating a secure, compliant and responsible future.

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Regulatory strategy

We can design, implement and operate large-scale compliance programs and help you meet regulatory obligations. We can help you anticipate and adapt to regulatory environment changes by developing strategies, structures and processes that enable a proactive assessment of regulatory trends and their impacts on business models—aligning those business models to a changing regulatory environment. 


Our specialists carry out compliance monitoring, testing, analytics and reporting. We can improve oversight of your regulatory and compliance risk to preserve your organisational value.

We can help you design, assess and transform the processes, controls, and infrastructure needed to address the specific regulations and regulatory risks that your business faces. We can also assist you in creating enterprise compliance programs designed to preserve organisational value and create competitive advantage.

Regulatory response

Using data and analytics, we can support your responses to specific breakdowns in regulatory compliance programs, which are often driven by actual, or the prospect of, regulatory censure. While a proactive approach to regulatory compliance is often preferable, sometimes a reactive response is unavoidable. Our services can help you respond to specific breakdowns in your regulatory compliance programs.

Financial crime

We can help you develop, implement and remediate Financial Crime Risk Management programs. We assist in combatting fraud, corruption, litigation, disputes, money laundering and other financial crimes, using financial crime domain knowledge to deliver results.

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Market & Credit Risk 

We can assist you in asset-level reviews, analytics and cash-flow modeling, structural and document review, and in post-closing compliance testing, leading you toward success.

Capital Management, Liquidity & Treasury Risk

We can scale your treasury and commodity trading capabilities focused on large company events, including M&A, Finance Transformation, responding to regulatory requirements and changing market conditions.

Anti-Money Laundering

We can help you with accounting irregularities and financial statement fraud investigations. Working with you to fight and prevent money laundering by reinforcing good practices.

Customer Onboarding & Periodic Reviews (KYC) Managed Services

Our teams of regulatory specialists use a framework to identify all relevant impacts of regulations and evaluate solutions, to optimise your customer onboarding and your periodic reviews.