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Legal Management Consulting Services

Our services offer a collection of models, frameworks, and systems, designed to help your in-house lawyers run their departments more efficiently, and meet your business needs. 

Legal Operating Model

Many events can trigger the need for transformation: a merger, the appointment of a new CEO or general counsel, a cost challenge, or a change in business strategy can force organizations to re-evaluate aspects of their legal functions.

We help change your legal operating models according to your transformation needs, whether with a large-scale, end-to-end transformation or with a targeted assessment of a particular area.

Our solutions can:

  • Drive efficiency via process improvements and technology adoption

  • Improve service delivery and reduce bottlenecks

  • Modernise risk-management protocols

  • Reduce legal spend

  • Enable the legal team to focus on critical and strategic initiatives

Legal Process

We help you evaluate and reconfigure your internal legal processes. Our legal process advisers can work with you to develop systematic, intuitive, and efficient processes, effecting change in areas such as:

  • Client contract management

  • Supplier contract management

  • Dawn-raid readiness

  • Compliance protocols

  • Corporate management

  • Litigation management

Legal Risk & Matter Management

For many companies, legal risk is not clearly identified and assessed, which can leave legal teams preoccupied with addressing ongoing challenges instead of defining a risk framework.

Working in close collaboration with our clients’ in-house legal professionals, we deliver a current-state risk-management assessment, a gap analysis, and a roadmap you can follow to help close that gap. We deliver best practices and industry standards in significant areas such as:

  • Litigation/disputes

  • Legislation changes

  • Contract management

  • Data privacy

Legal Sourcing

We can assist you in building a model that can accomplish more with less, by balancing in-house resources with technology and external services providers.

Our sourcing teams have a deep knowledge of legal sourcing strategies such as working with panels of global or regional firms, working with alternative service providers, and leveraging technology.

By applying these insights to your specific goals, we can help you identify an efficient, effective alignment of tasks with appropriate resources, enabling a more effective legal function, refocused on strategic priorities.

Legal Technology

Technology has transformed the way legal services are provided. We apply emerging digital tools to help legal teams provide consistency and transparency.

Our solutions can also help you mitigate risk and automate repetitive tasks with greater efficiency and reliability, helping free up your team for strategic priorities, such as:

  • Understanding what’s out there

  • Understanding what’s right for them

  • Designing and building a legal technology architecture that can deliver enterprise-wide value

Legal Labs

A decade of accelerating economic, technological, and regulatory disruption has challenged legal leaders to see the invisible intersections connecting their business units and to make decisions that can create ripples throughout their organizations.

Our Legal Management Consulting teams lead labs to help you achieve your full potential. We use a tested set of principles that combines behavioral science, analytics, technology, and facilitation to break through the roadblocks, such as groupthink or change fatigue, to help you succeed.


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