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Deloitte named a leader in Worldwide Business Analytics Consulting and Systems Integration Services, and Cloud Business Analytics Services by IDC MarketScape

News Release

NEW YORK, NY, USA, 8 July 2020—Deloitte has been named a leader in the report entitled, IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Business Analytics Consulting and Systems Integration Services 2020 Vendor Assessment (Doc #US45353220, June 2020). The IDC MarketScape recognition is based on Deloitte’s proficiencies and strategies, including its infusion of analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities globally across major industries and domains. 

Deloitte has also been named a leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Cloud Business Analytics Services 2020 Vendor Assessment (Doc #US45353120, June 2020). This is the first time IDC has evaluated this space and Deloitte has been recognised as a Leader. 

"At Deloitte, we are focussed on driving business value and actionable insights, drawing upon our deep industry experience to take full advantage of human with machine collaboration."

"Deloitte remains committed to harnessing the benefits of AI through an ecosystem that ensures responsible usage of AI, prepares the workforce for the talent model of the future and drives sustainable outcomes."

“At Deloitte, we help our clients develop ethical safeguards with our Trustworthy AI framework to manage common risks while getting the most benefit from the technology.”

Additional report findings

  • “Through Deloitte's ‘cognitisation’ programme, Deloitte creates digital fulltime employees (FTEs), repeatable assets, frameworks and methods to support business analytics deployments across the advise, implement and operate life cycle.”
  • “Deloitte brings analytics and AI platforms, such as ConvergeHEALTH and HUX, tuned to specific domain and industry issues and maintains a portfolio of AI-enabled assets, including but not limited to CapabilityEdge, Algorithmic Selling, ContextEdge and DemandBrain, to help solve business issues.”
  • “Deloitte works with [collaborators] from large technology vendors such as Google, AWS, Oracle, SAP and Informatica to start-ups, bringing C&SI service offerings ranging from analytics and AI strategy; culture, change, and talent optimisation; AI ethics, governance and controls; AI insights and engagement; data and analytics modernisation; robotics and intelligent automation; and cloud machine learning.”
  • “Buyers rate Deloitte highly for its ability to clean, consolidate and manage business data in a timely manner; showcase and codevelop relevant use cases for business analytics solutions; provide customer service (particularly onsite); and integrate its project team with their internal team.”

The insights provided are part of the IDC MarketScape Excerpt, which is an extraction from the original IDC MarketScape assessment. Per IDC policy, only the Vendor Summary Profile for the purchasing vendor will be included in a given IDC MarketScape Excerpt. To gain access to the profiles for all suppliers included in the assessment, contact IDC.