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Deloitte named a leader in Gulf Cooperation Council Professional Security Services by IDC MarketScape

News Release

NEW YORK, NY, USA, 28 January 2021—Deloitte has been named a leader in the IDC MarketScape: Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Professional Security Services 2020 Vendor Assessment. (doc#META47033220 December 2020). Deloitte Middle East is recognised based on its capabilities and strategies.

“A household name in business consulting, the [Deloitte] offers a comprehensive range of professional security services in the GCC market, catering to a vast range of customer needs, be they strategic, tactical or technical,” noted Varun Kukreja, senior research manager for security in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa at IDC, and one of the authors of the report. “Deloitte's capability to carry out a variety of cybersecurity services across the board is commendable, as it often focuses on achieving business-led outcomes in cybersecurity, rather than the traditional approach of risk and compliance.”

The IDC MarketScape defines security services as “consist[ing] of three varied components,” including security consulting services, security implementation services, and managed security services.

“With the rapid acceleration of technology adoption amidst the pandemic, demand for a strong cyber security strategy has never been greater” said Tariq Ajmal, Cyber leader, Deloitte Middle East “We are honoured to receive this recognition from the IDC MarketScape, which reinforces our commitment to helping our clients achieve their business objectives while safeguarding customer trust and resilience.”

On the GCC security landscape, “The unintended outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic included an acceleration in digital transformation (DX) initiatives and a rapid increase in cloud adoption across the Gulf Cooperation Council region, which comprises Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait. Against this backdrop, organisations in the GCC region are being exposed to an increasing number of attacks and must manage complex data and security regulatory compliance and monitoring requirements alongside the protection of disparate endpoints used by staff working from home.”

“Deloitte’s unique approach to cyber security, comprised of a wide range of core cyber and integrated offerings, enables us to become the trusted advisor for our clients and position them for long-term success,” adds Ajmal. “As we look to the future, we will remain focused on providing a superior experience for our clients across the GCC by tapping into the breadth and depth of our capabilities and innovative solutions to meet the most pressing cyber needs.”

Additional Findings

  • “Deloitte's extensive network and size within the GCC region make it a desirable prospect as a trusted collaborator. The [firm] has a presence of around 250 cybersecurity practitioners in all major cities in the region to deliver services around consulting, integration, and MSS.”
  • “The Deloitte Digital Center in Riyadh delivers on multiple cyber capabilities, and Deloitte also has a local Cyber Intelligence Center in Kuwait, with plans in the works to add another Cyber Intelligence Center in a GCC country of focus in the next 12-18 months.”
  • “Where needed, Deloitte also has the option to leverage nearshore support from its resource pools in the Levant region, Greece, and Cyprus. This often leads to cost benefits for the client, while also ensuring resilience for the services provided.”
  • “Deloitte has demonstrated national- and regional-level capabilities, including a national policy and security operations framework for a national regulator in the GCC. Deloitte also delivered a unique event focused on increasing and promoting cybersecurity awareness, which had enthusiastic participation and engagement from more than 5,000 attendees across all age groups.”
  • “Deloitte has invested deeply in its resource pool, ensuring that its resources continue to grow vertically while also ensuring that new skills are added to its capabilities. Like other large consulting firms, Deloitte has strong training and resource retention plans in place.”
  • “Deloitte, like many other firms and global systems integrators, has launched 'Women in Cyber' initiatives to promote gender equality, and has expanded these initiatives across the GCC region.”

The insights provided are part of the IDC MarketScape Excerpt, which is an extraction from the original IDC MarketScape assessment. Per IDC policy, only the Vendor Summary Profile for the purchasing vendor will be included in a given IDC MarketScape Excerpt. To gain access to the profiles for all suppliers included in the assessment, contact IDC.

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