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Deloitte named a leader in Worldwide Datacenter Transformation Consulting and Integration Services for Applications and Infrastructure, as evidenced by IDC report

News Release

NEW YORK, NY, USA, 22 July 2020—International Data Corporation (IDC) named Deloitte a leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Datacenter Transformation Consulting and Integration Services for Applications and Infrastructure 2020 Vendor Assessment (IDC #US46238920) report. The IDC recognition is based on Deloitte capabilities and strategies.

“As our clients face a rapidly evolving environment, data centre (DC) decisions help build the foundation for the future of the enterprise and we are working to provide end-to-end solutions that enable seamless capabilities across public cloud, DC and edge to drive value,” says Ranjit Bawa, US Cloud leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “As demand for data centre transformation services continues to grow, Deloitte remains focussed on integrating new technologies and innovation to deliver broader business transformation.”

“The core value proposition of Deloitte is its ability to drive sustainable business outcomes by combining deep technology expertise, industry and domain knowledge, and privileged relationships to transform its clients' IT infrastructure,” says Chad Huston, Research Manager, Worldwide Services, at IDC and an author of the report.

“To propel the future of digital transformation, we will continue to invest in technology and capitalise on our extensive range of services and integrated offerings,” adds Ranjit Bawa. “Deloitte remains steadfast in utilising key relationships across the Cloud ecosystem, combined with industry-leading tools to shape our future success.”

Additional report findings

  • “From a data centre transformation perspective, Deloitte has heavily invested in automation, AI and ML, software-defined everything, edge, and cloud as key technologies that are driving true client innovation in this space. Deloitte's key differentiator is combining these technology investments with existing capabilities in tax, cyber and human capital.”
  • “In addition, privileged relationships with data centre ecosystem players, government and academia, and data providers enable a seamless orchestration layer that ultimately helps [Deloitte] clients imagine, build and operate the next-gen tech-enabling complex modern delivery models.”
  • “In reference to strategy, IDC analysts believe the strongest element for Deloitte was in its employee retention strategy. This was due to not only Deloitte investing heavily in its recruiting, onboarding, promotion and reskilling process but also its cutting-edge digital FTE framework.”
  • “In reference to business and product capabilities, Deloitte shows strong growth rates, based on IDC's estimate of how fast each vendor's total DCT C&I business grew over the past two years.”

The insights provided are part of the IDC MarketScape Excerpt, which is an extraction from the original IDC MarketScape assessment. Per IDC policy, only the Vendor Summary Profile for the purchasing vendor will be included in a given IDC MarketScape Excerpt. To gain access to the profiles for all suppliers included in the assessment, contact IDC.