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The Resolution Project and Deloitte Global Launch Signature Programme to Support Young Social Entrepreneurs Around the Globe

News release

NEW YORK, NY, USA, 19 October 2020—The Resolution Project, a global non-profit that develops socially-responsible young leaders and empowers them to make a positive impact, today announced a new collaboration with Deloitte Global. This initiative will serve as Deloitte Global’s signature volunteering programme and provide crucial support to young social entrepreneurs in 80+ countries around the world.

Young people have the energy, will, and vision to solve global problems, but they often lack access to the capital, training, and support necessary to transform their ideas into reality. The collaboration between The Resolution Project and Deloitte Global will enable young change makers to receive seed funding and gain access to thousands of professionals at Deloitte Global, who will act as coaches, supporters, and sounding boards during the launch and implementation of dozens of new social ventures.

This programme aligns with Deloitte’s WorldClass initiative, which seeks to prepare 50 million people for the future of work by 2030. Launched in 2017 as Deloitte’s signature global societal impact initiative, WorldClass empowers individuals and communities through education and skills development opportunities and is a reflection of Deloitte’s commitment to investing in people and lifelong learning.

Thousands of Deloitte Global professionals will have the opportunity to volunteer with The Resolution Project. Among the multiple opportunities, they will be able to mentor newly onboarded Fellows, provide subject-matter expertise for existing Fellows, or act as judges at a Social Venture Challenge—a multi-stage competition where Resolution identifies young leaders from around the world. In addition, dozens of existing ventures will be eligible for additional support from Deloitte Global to help launch and scale projects in education, skills-building, and opportunity creation.

“We are very excited to officially launch this collaboration and look forward to driving impactful change together,” said Michael Dougherty, Chief Operating Officer, Deloitte Global. “Stories of Resolution Fellows serve as inspiration for our Deloitte Global colleagues—we are proud to offer 40 hours of paid time per year for all our professionals to volunteer for a cause they are passionate about.”

For Taku Machirori, his experience as a Resolution Fellow and a current Deloitte Germany practitioner has him uniquely positioned to see the benefits from both sides of this programme: “What I love most about working at Deloitte is the investment in our people, through our world-class skills and training development programmes, and our investment in the communities we serve. This new programme with The Resolution Project really brings things full circle, expanding the reach of Deloitte’s skilled professionals by providing young change makers with the support they need to make an impact in communities around the globe. It is an honour to serve as a testament of the impact that The Resolution Project provides, and I’m excited to see this collaboration expand to even more people.”

“This new collaboration with Deloitte Global will significantly expand our volunteer programme and enable us to continue to provide world-class support to hundreds of young social entrepreneurs over the next decade,” said George Tsiatis, CEO, The Resolution Project. “There is no doubt in my mind that between Resolution’s talented Fellows, Deloitte Global’s talented and multifaceted team, and the ventures that these young leaders launch through our collaboration, we stand to meet our shared goals. Taku is the living example of exactly where these three things have serendipitously intersected, and if we can replicate just a fraction of his brilliance and transformative work in our collaboration, we will succeed.”