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Funding and support by the European Innovation Council (EIC) - Work Programme 2023

The European Innovation Council (EIC) has published the work programme 2023, which sets out an updated set of ‘EIC Challenges’. In 2023, the programme will provide funding totalling more than €1.6 billion for breakthrough innovations to scale up and create new markets.

The EIC Work Programme, adopted by the European Commission, is organized into three main funding schemes: the EIC Pathfinder, the EIC Transition and the EIC Accelerator.

The EIC pathfinder focuses on multi-disciplinary and visionary research with potential to reach technology breakthroughs; the EIC Transition aims to turn research results into innovation opportunities; and the EIC accelerator emphasises on assisting SMEs and start-ups to penetrate the market or create new markets and scale up.

Key dates of calls in the main EIC schemes in 2023:

• Pathfinder Open: Open January 10, 2023, Deadline March 7, 2023
• Pathfinder Challenges: Open June 20, 2023, Deadline October 18, 2023
• Transition Open and Challenges: Apply anytime from March 1, 2023. Cut-offs: April 12 and September 27, 2023
• Accelerator Open and Challenges: Open December 8, 2022 - Apply anytime. Cut-offs: January 11 (Accelerator Open only), March 22, June 7 and October 4, 2023

These opportunities provided by the IEC Work Programme could be extremely beneficial to researchers and companies. Download the relevant flyer below for more information on the Work Programme, its priorities, deadlines and application criteria.

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