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Deloitte Launches Geospatial and AI Scenario Planning and Monitoring Platform Powered by Google Cloud

Deloitte will apply Google Earth Engine and AI to help clients make more sustainable decisions and take action to mitigate the impacts of climate change

NEW YORK, 23 Jan. 2024 — Deloitte today launched the Geospatial and AI Platform for Scenario Planning and Monitoring, powered by Google Earth integrations, Google Earth Engine (GEE) and Generative AI technology from Vertex AI. Deloitte’s platform can help clients leverage AI and geospatial data to take action on sustainability and climate as they work toward positive economic, social and environmental outcomes. Clients can tap into these transformative technologies to help improve planning processes for disaster response, infrastructure development and urban planning processes, which can enable more sustainable decision-making. The platform also provides insights on land use to help businesses optimise for sustainable outcomes, along with financial modelling capabilities that apply geospatial data to support sustainable investments. 

“At Deloitte, we are focused on accelerating sustainability, equity and shared prosperity to make an impact that matters for our clients, our people and our communities. Google Cloud shares this outlook and we are focused on leading the transition to a more sustainable future through information and innovation,” said Jamie Sawchuk, partner and global sustainability leader for the Alphabet Google alliance, Deloitte Canada. “Together we are coupling Deloitte’s industry experience and sustainability insights with Google’s strengths in geospatial and Generative AI platforms, to help our clients create next-generation solutions and achieve their sustainability objectives.”

“Geospatial data and Generative AI can significantly improve how organisations make decisions to accelerate their transition to more sustainable business practices,” said Justin Keeble, managing director for global sustainability, Google Cloud. “We are pleased to deepen our alliance with Deloitte to provide clients with the technology, experience and innovation needed to accelerate climate action.” 

Geospatial scenario planning and monitoring

As part of its new platform, Deloitte will leverage Google Earth integrations, GEE and Vertex AI to improve operational resilience and help organisations proactively anticipate and plan for a myriad of challenges, such as urban planning, disaster response and infrastructure development. The platform will enable more informed decision-making and sustainable planning capabilities, such as applying Generative AI to sandbox and test community readiness for rising sea levels.

Enabling customer success with Deloitte’s FutureScape solution

The launch of Deloitte’s new platform builds on past success with other sustainability solutions, such as Deloitte FutureScape on Google Cloud. Many organisations, particularly in the public sector, are confronting growing uncertainty due to extreme weather and climate stress. FutureScape’s advanced analytics tools for infrastructure planning leverage simulation methods to assess the implications of public and private sector policy and programme actions on communities and neighbourhoods. FutureScape enables collaborative methods for regional governments to share helpful data about how climate change is affecting their communities to improve planning for the future. 

Reimagining greener urban cities

As part of its mission to create a more sustainable future, Deloitte is also using a new integration in Google Earth to create AI-enabled digital twins of urban communities and land parcels to quickly generate scenarios that blend metrics about sustainability, carbon efficiency and community quality-of-life. Doing so can create the foundation to continually assess and improve planned developments against changing contextual, environmental and market conditions. 

Deloitte has specialised teams of computational designers and urban planners that incorporate up to date real estate market data to drive innovative and dynamic scenario planning of future urban environments. In this way, Deloitte can validate the future landscape of cities against the longer-term risk of climate change to help inform the planning of infrastructure, service delivery, population density and zoning for resilience and community benefit.

An expanding alliance

Deloitte continues to scale its AI capabilities, alliances and offerings following the introduction of its Generative AI practice in 2023. With a full spectrum of tailored AI services and its deep industry and domain knowledge, Deloitte supports clients at every stage of their transformational journey, from developing AI strategies to building and implementing GenAI solutions that enhance productivity and deliver greater client impact. Deloitte is infusing Generative AI capabilities across its own enterprise rolling out purpose-specific Large Language Models (LLMs) and chatbots to support specialised teams across its business. These tools are applied with Deloitte’s Trustworthy AI™ framework to manage AI risks and improve user confidence and trust. Additionally, Deloitte is increasing AI fluency, training more than 120,000 professionals via the Deloitte AI Academy™ and investing more than $2 billion in global technology learning and development initiatives to boost skills in AI and other areas.

This announcement comes after Deloitte’s recognition as one of the first global systems integrators to join the Google Cloud Ready - Sustainability Programme. Learn more about Deloitte’s alliance with Google Cloud.