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Energy and seismic renovation solutions

The European H2020 programme finances the e-SAFE project

Deloitte is one of the 12 Partners spanning across eight countries to execute the EU-funded project “Energy and Seismic Affordable rEnovation solutions (e-SAFE)”. The e-SAFE project is set to develop an innovative and commercial one-stop shop system, to combine the earthquake-proof, energy-efficient and architectural renovation of existing buildings with financial and commercial feasibility.

Deloitte is leading one of the seven work streams dealing with ideation and implementation of innovative business models and financial schemes for commercialisation, creation of a white paper on relevant financial and fiscal incentives for policy engagement, as well as the establishment of the actors charged with enabling, financing and IP protection of the e-SAFE apparatus. By the end of the project, Deloitte will design a holistic exploitation plan to maximise the project’s market uptake as well as its social, environmental and economic impact.

e-SAFE is based on a multidisciplinary methodology that benefits from the full integration of technological innovation and process innovation in which traditional modelling and experimental research are integrated with tools to promote financial feasibility, knowledge co-production, mutual learning and public engagement.

More specifically, e-SAFE proposes a new deep energy retrofitting system based on the idea of cladding low-performing buildings with a new performing “skin” based on modular, customizable, prefabricated, multifunctional panels. In addition, it incorporates innovative structural plug-in solutions for seismic resilience, plug-and-play energy storage devices and ICT-based energy management and decision support systems. As such, e-SAFE will offer greater aesthetic and functional attractiveness, internal comfort, reduced construction time and costs and less inconvenience for occupants.

Deloitte will also cooperate with University of Catania (the leading Partner) in Management and Coordination activities, especially in all issues concerning IPR and data management. A further contribution will be given to stakeholders’ engagement, demonstration activities and communication, dissemination and training, in relation to business/financial issues.

The e-SAFE project, which officially started on October 1st, will play a crucial role in achieving the EU's long-term climate and energy goals, which require an upgrade of the EU's housing stock.  As many European countries are strongly prone to earthquakes, it is imperative to apply renovation solutions that combine energy efficiency with anti-seismic retrofitting measures. The project will verify the effectiveness and replicability of the proposed methodology in three selected pilot projects in European seismic regions.

Apart from Deloitte, the consortium of Partners comprises of the University of Catania, University of Bologna, Moverim Consulting SPRL, the Autonomous Institute for Public Housing of Catania, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A, , Buildings Performance Institute Europe ASBL, PINK GMBH, Sampas A.S., Salfo and Associates SA and Timmerfabriek WEBO BV.

Project Budget: € 4,591,044.75

Project Duration: 48 months