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e-SAFE consortium re-united in Catania

e-SAFE partners met for their third project meeting in Catania, Sicily. The first face-to-face meeting was a great success as the partners had the chance to connect, exchange ideas and visit the pilot building.

The third meeting of the e-SAFE project was held physically in Catania between 29/9-1/10. Most partners of the consortium were able to meet face-to-face for the first time, since COVID restrictions did not permit physical-presence meetings before.

During the meeting the partners discussed the progress of their tasks and the steps which lie ahead. Everyone had the chance to visit the pilot building where the e-SAFE solutions will be implemented and tested for the first time.

Deloitte, being one of the beneficiaries, was also present at the meetingDeloitte, as leader of the work package on business models, financial schemes, exploitation, and technology transfer, recently conducted primary and secondary research to formulate a methodology of segmenting and selecting target markets for e-SAFE. On the first day, the team presented the key aspects of the market segmentation strategy report produced.

On the second and third day, the Deloitte team had to extensively brainstorm,
exchange ideas and viewpoints on complicated project issues, together with other key partners of the consortium, and agree on next steps.

e-SAFE aims to contribute to the deep renovation of EU building stock by developing an innovative, market-ready system that combines decarbonization goals with earthquake resilience, indoor comfort, reduced implementation time and costs, affordable financing, reduced occupants’ disturbance, increased aesthetic and functional attractiveness. The project includes the demonstration of the e-SAFE system in one real and two virtual pilot buildings.

Deloitte’s participation in the project is another major and clear example of fulfilling its purpose of making an impact that matters, socially, environmentally and financially, with a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach.

If you are interested to learn more about the project and its future outcomes you may visit the website.