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Deloitte's statements on Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

Deloitte statement on Russia and Belarus separation (24 May 2022)

On March 7th, Deloitte announced that we would exit Russia and Belarus. The separation is now complete, and Deloitte no longer operates in Russia or Belarus.

Statement from Global CEO Emeritus Punit Renjen (7 March 2022)

"Last week, Deloitte announced it was reviewing its business in Russia. We will separate our practice in Russia and Belarus from the global network of member firms. Deloitte will no longer operate in Russia and Belarus.

While we know this is the right decision, it will have an impact on Deloitte’s ~3,000 professionals located in Russia and Belarus. Like others, we know our colleagues in Russia and Belarus have no voice in the actions of their government. We will support all impacted colleagues during this transition and do all we can to assist them during this extremely difficult time.

We will continue to prioritise the needs of our people and clients while we bring the full strength of Deloitte’s global resources to bear in addressing the mounting humanitarian needs in Ukraine and across Europe.

We will honor our commitments and obligations to global financial markets and multiple regulatory bodies."

Global media statement (2 March 2022)

Deloitte stands unequivocally with the people of Ukraine. Russia’s invasion of this sovereign nation is an indefensible act of aggression that echoes the darkest days in European history. Our overriding concern at this time is the wellbeing of our colleagues in Ukraine and their families. We are taking every possible action to ensure their safety and that their essential needs are being met under fast changing circumstances. We are concerned about all of our colleagues affected by this ongoing crisis.

For the time being, Deloitte has suspended business operations and client service in Ukraine as we focus on taking care of our people and their loved ones.

Deloitte is currently reviewing our business and presence in Russia. We are mindful of our professional obligations and the changing circumstances as we undertake this review. We will continue to comply with all applicable sanctions; Deloitte does not serve any entities of Russia’s Central Government.

Our primary focus will continue to be for the safety and well-being of our people as well as bringing to bear our global resources to address the humanitarian needs across Europe.

Our hope is that peace will prevail quickly.