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Deloitte launches new solutions to build and safeguard organisational trust

Deloitte takes a first-in-market approach to measure and enhance trust in organisations

NEW YORK, NY, USA, 17 November 2020—Today, Deloitte announced the launch of Future of Trust, a comprehensive suite of solutions that enable organisations to measure, quantify and enhance trust. Through comparative data and analytics, these solutions allow companies to prioritise activities that disproportionally drive trust in the enterprise. With the COVID-19 pandemic magnifying the importance of trust among leaders, the workforce, customers and stakeholders, Deloitte’s Future of Trust offering aims to help organisations become more proactive in elevating the levels of trust across the enterprise and improve their ability to react to breakdowns in trust if they occur.

To achieve this, Future of Trust provides a critical advantage by guiding companies through a journey of diagnosing, prioritising and activating the key trust drivers important to an organisation and its stakeholders. By unlocking trust, companies can fully deliver on their mission and purpose to not only strengthen financial performance, but also attract talent and reaffirm key constituents. These outcomes will help drive short-term recovery and long-term success.

The launch of Deloitte’s Future of Trust comes as business leaders are increasingly confronted by generational, political and societal expectations and demands to become more transparent and trustworthy.

As companies across industries look to recover and emerge stronger from the economic and health crises of the pandemic Deloitte’s Future of Trust can help them protect and strengthen trust during this crucial inflection point.

“As the pandemic has progressed, we’ve seen trust fracture across governments, businesses and other pillars of society, and the implicit social contract between institutions and stakeholders is fraying,” says Jeff Weirens, Deloitte Global Financial Advisory leader. “In this environment, organisations must recognise and deliver on the needs of people, clients and communities to protect trust. More than ever, trust will be crucial for the foundation of a better future, because it enables stakeholders to believe in the organisation and its mission, its competence to succeed and its intent to do good.”

Future of Trust measures, prioritises and activates key elements of trust by harnessing Deloitte’s strategic relationships and industry-leading solutions, including the HX TrustID™ and TrustIQ™:

  • TrustIQ™: Presenting actionable insights, TrustIQ measures and quantifies performance across seventeen dimensions of trust. The diagnosis is performed from both an inside-out as well as outside-in perspective, capturing views of internal and external stakeholders, juxtaposing these measures against relevant industry and sector benchmarks. This approach allows organisations to identify and prioritise areas of focus to improve levels of trust and company performance.
  • HX TrustID™: Taking into account an organisation’s intent and competence, HX Trust ID™ measures trust through the lens of human experience (HX), across four integrated signals: humanity, transparency, capability and reliability. The TrustID™ can then predictively tie the four signals to customer and employee behaviours, and help leaders understand what actions they can take to (re)build trust where their organisation needs it most.

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the importance of trust not just during a crisis but also after. How leaders respond and emerge from times of crisis sets their organisation apart from others. However, rebuilding from challenging times requires trustworthy leaders and organisations. With the help of Deloitte’s new framework and agile approach, supported by the TrustIQ™ and HX TrustID™ solutions, leaders are able to focus on various dimensions of trust, including physical, emotional, financial, digital and ethical to build stakeholder confidence and position organisations to align with company core beliefs.

“To enhance and protect trust, an organisation must first understand how it is performing relative to trust in the eyes of its various stakeholders,” says Michael Bondar, Global Innovation Leader for Deloitte. “This topic can feel so broad and challenging to fully grasp that the mere thought of acting on it without a well-structured approach, set of comparative insights and enabling technologies can be paralysing. We recognise how critically important it is for our clients to not only navigate trust and then act on it successfully. Deloitte’s suite of solutions is a significant enabler helping our clients achieve this goal.”