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Deloitte Japan invests in the future with the creation of new cloud-based solutions company

News Release

TOKYO, JAPAN, 18 AUGUST 2022—Deloitte Japan announced the launch of a new company, Deloitte Tohmatsu RippleMark LLC, as part of its strategy to expand its cloud and digital transformation capabilities for Deloitte clients in Japan and Asia Pacific.

Deloitte Tohmatsu RippleMark, a 130-person company formed from the acquisition of the Tokyo-based RippleMark Inc., a cloud-based IT engineering and consulting firm, should better position Deloitte to help clients make a fundamental shift in technology: better flexibility and agility to access the information they need to meet future business needs.

The new company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Deloitte Tohmatsu Group, which has embarked on a programme of strategic investments in people and solutions to provide leading-edge support for clients' digital transformation, from strategy formulation to execution, maintenance and operation.

More than 100 of RippleMark’s professionals have joined Deloitte Tohmatsu RippleMark, including its founder and principal, Masaya Mori, who joins Deloitte Japan as a partner.

“RippleMark is an exciting development that demonstrates Deloitte’s goal to invest in innovative, end-to-end digital solutions that should help enable clients, in Japan, Asia Pacific and globally, to accelerate time to value for Deloitte clients,” says Sam Balaji, Deloitte Global Consulting leader.

“This accomplishment moves Deloitte Tohmatsu Group forward as part of Deloitte Asia Pacific and Deloitte Global’s overall consulting strategy, by enhancing Deloitte Japan’s capability to provide end-to-end delivery services in the technology domain,” says Masato Sase, CEO, Deloitte Japan Consulting. “The inauguration of Deloitte Tohmatsu RippleMark highlights the consistent progress of Deloitte Japan Consulting’s strategies on technology offerings, extending its services in the Operate area where significant demand is, leveraging it’s suite of technology services, and accelerating our current initiative to develop an LDC (local delivery centre) platform.”

“RippleMark, as a new member of Deloitte Japan, will serve a variety of the technology needs of Deloitte clients across industries,” says Masaya Mori, Managing Director, Deloitte Tohmatsu RippleMark. “Its individual consultants and engineers, with the latest techniques and knowledge in each specialised field, will offer professional services that most appropriately suit clients’ business.”