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Deloitte expands proven cyber threat detection and response and identity security capabilities – and scales globally

NEW YORK, NY, USA, 16 November 2022—Deloitte, a leader in global security services, announced today that it is globally scaling its proven Cyber Operate solutions — Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) by Deloitte and Digital Identity by Deloitte. These capabilities were successfully developed and established with proven success in select markets, including the US and Australia, and are being expanded upon to serve the ever-increasing global threat landscape and escalating cybersecurity challenges for clients. Amid a cyber talent deficit and increasing cyber threats worldwide, Deloitte’s Cyber Operate solutions bring together experienced cyber engineers and specialists, strategic processes, and pre-integrated market-leading technology to embed 24/7 vigilance globally for clients. By operating and running these solutions as a single service provider, Deloitte helps clients to reduce cybersecurity risks, complexities, and costs.

“In a world facing a talent shortage and a complicated array of vendors to navigate, organisations often struggle to proactively provide ongoing threat detection and response across their organisation and navigate the complexities of managing access across their environments,” says Emily Mossburg, Deloitte Global Cyber leader. “Our global expansion of our MXDR by Deloitte and Digital Identity by Deloitte solutions allow organisations to rely on a single provider to enhance protection, detection, and response.”

Future-proofing security strategies with Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) by Deloitte

MXDR by Deloitte is a fully managed SaaS-based modular solution designed to help protect an organisation’s entire extended enterprise from cyber threats by delivering 24x7x365 threat hunting, detection, response, and remediation capabilities. With its expanded global scale and evolved solutions, Deloitte’s cyber team works from local and global cybersecurity delivery centers with specialists who speak the local language and understand regional regulations to help ensure consistent compliance worldwide.

“With the global expansion of MXDR by Deloitte, clients automatically get access to more than 3,000 highly skilled engineers, certified detect and respond practitioners, and threat intelligence analysts worldwide,” says Nicola Esposito, Deloitte Global Cyber Detect & Respond leader. “Access to our state-of-the-art platform allows clients to improve their cybersecurity maturity without having to build and maintain their own in-house platform. Instead, we will operate a single-source solution that consolidates advisory, implementation, and operational know-how, while acting as an extension of clients’ teams on a global scale.”

Streamlining and strengthening security with Digital Identity by Deloitte

Digital Identity by Deloitte is a fully managed SaaS- and cloud-based identity security solution that integrates and operates the identity lifecycle under one umbrella. This turnkey solution helps clients reduce implementation risk, improve cost efficiencies, and accelerate their digital identity maturity by delivering a complete package of identity governance and administration, access management, and privileged access management. It targets the challenges organisations face in the era of remote work and cloud computing as they determine which people and devices can access what information, applications, and systems.

“Digital identity ​is becoming an increasingly challenging and pervasive issue.​ Vulnerabilities are increasing, pushing Zero Trust onto the agenda and highlighting the need for organisations to strengthen their security stance and enhance their digital identity maturity,” says Jan Vanhaecht, Deloitte Global Digital Identity leader. “With our global expansion of Digital Identity by Deloitte, clients get direct access to more than 3,800 certified identity specialists and highly skilled identity engineers who advise, implement, and operate the complete digital identity solution on their behalf— managing the lifecycle of identity while reducing costs and avoiding endless technology upgrades.”

Operating with greater confidence and agility

Deloitte’s worldwide network gives organisations the depth and breadth of its experience in addressing some of the world’s most challenging cyber concerns, allowing it to serve as a trusted service provider.

“With increased risk exposure and cyber threats, working with clients to identify the risks before they arise and addressing their wide-ranging operational challenges is a top priority for Deloitte as we continue to make an impact that matters for clients leveraging the already proven successful development and execution of these capabilities in select markets,” says Isaac Kohn, Deloitte Global Cyber Operate leader. “In an ever-evolving and challenging cyber landscape, Deloitte will continue to develop and scale innovative solutions to aid clients in outsmarting adversaries and enable them to run their business with confidence.”