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Deloitte China acquires core assets and brings in experienced professionals from Shanghai Advanced Analytic Service Co., Ltd

News release

The acquisition of the core assets of Shanghai Advanced Analytic Service Co., Ltd will strengthen Deloitte China Consulting’s Data Analytics and Cloud capabilities.

SHANGHAI, CHINA, 18 May 2022 — Deloitte China announced today that it has completed the acquisition of the core assets of Shanghai Advanced Analytic Service Co., Ltd (“AAS”). The acquisition will help strengthen Deloitte China Consulting’s Data Analytics and Cloud capabilities, enhance end-to-end digital solutions for clients and develop capabilities to foster digital products and services for the firm together with its digital ecosystem alliances. After the acquisition, more than 600 experienced data analytics and cloud professionals will join the Deloitte China Consulting team.

AAS is a renowned company in the fields of data analytics, cloud services, and AI, with focusses on serving clients in Life Sciences, Consumer Products & Retail and Automotive sectors. As a leading player in the Chinese market, it is also acclaimed for its strong cloud-based implementation and AI solution offerings, covering enterprise data platform, Business Intelligence (BI) application and advanced analysis solutions.

“This major acquisition in digital and cloud analytics demonstrates the vital role that China and Asia Pacific play in Deloitte’s commitment to offer innovative, end-to-end solutions that deliver long-term value to clients,” says Sam Balaji, Deloitte Global Consulting leader. “We will continue to make substantial investments in new talent and capabilities world-wide to assist Deloitte clients in realising their ambitions.”

"The acquisition of AAS’s core assets, together with bringing in its talents, is one of our key moves as we eye the opportunities of digital transformation. It is the largest acquisition for Deloitte China in recent years, showing our full confidence in and expectations for the China market,” says Patrick Tsang, Deloitte China CEO.

"With a leading edge in the Chinese consulting market, Deloitte China aspires to be one of the advisors-of choice for global and Chinese companies in driving digital transformation through providing outstanding support for businesses and institutions as they navigate their evolution of technology,” adds Stanley Dai, Deloitte Consulting China National Managing Partner. “Building on this aspiration, through this acquisition, we will accelerate our cloud and data analytics talent pool to provide enhanced, end-to-end services for Deloitte clients locally and globally, helping them stay at the vanguard of their markets by fostering digital products and services with greater efficiency."

Deloitte China's Consulting practice is developing rapidly, with the number of practitioners more than doubling from 2,000 in 2018 to over 5,000 in 2022, and is now one of the largest Consulting practices in China.

The addition of AAS’s assets and experienced professionals will expand Deloitte China’s data teams, including data specialists and analytics and cloud specialists, to help our clients achieve strategic transformation across AI and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), to deliver meaningful impact for society.

"Through this transaction between AAS and Deloitte China, Deloitte China will deepen its experience in cloud and data analytics, continue to provide high quality services to our clients. We will gain additional support in cloud implementation and AI solution services, and be better resourced in the strategic growth direction for our clients," says Michael Zhang, AAS co-founder.