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Deloitte celebrates 65 years of success in Cyprus

This year marks 65 years of continuous successful presence for Deloitte in Cyprus. The company celebrated 65 years of "making an impact that matters" at an event held on 2 November, in the presence of all partners and staff. The evening ended with a surprise performance by Konstantinos Argyros, who came especially to the island to celebrate this special day with Deloitte Cyprus.

Pieris Markou, Chief Executive Officer, thanked the people of Deloitte Cyprus for the professionalism, the quality in service and ethos they demonstrate every day. He expressed pride that a small business founded in 1958 has grown into one of the largest professional services firms in Cyprus, providing services both locally and across borders, with approximately 750 people. Referring to the growth of the firm over the years, he reassured that the principles and values that make up its legacy remain an integral part of its corporate culture. Regarding Deloitte’s vision for the future, Markou mentioned that "our past is our guiding path for the future as we continuously adapt to the needs of the market and of our society, while maintaining the foundations we inherited and built over the years, the values and the professionalism that characterise us. We aspire to maintain our leading role in the economic matters of our country, aiming to improve the business environment with innovative initiatives, as well as in corporate social responsibility, supporting local communities and the wider society in order to create a more sustainable future for all. I am confident in Deloitte Cyprus' prospects and future as the organisation of choice, both by young talent and by clients."

In closing, Markou expressed his thanks to past and current employees who work tirelessly, upholding the values and vision of the firm, and have positioned Deloitte as a leader in its sector. This is a crucial period of constant changes across the globe and unprecedented changes in the world of work. "Our people have proven time and time again that they can adapt to the future of work and any challenges coming our way."

65 years of making an impact that matters – A history of Deloitte Cyprus
The story begins in 1958, when Christodoulos Chrysanthou and Michalakis Christoforou founded Chrysanthou & Christoforou. Under their leadership, the business evolved into a company recognised for the integrity of its people and the quality of its services. This led Arthur Andersen to choose the company as their representative in Cyprus in 1988, empowering the company to grow even further and become one of the largest and most successful professional services providers on the island.

The dissolution of Arthur Andersen in 2002 kick-started a new era for Chrysanthou & Christoforou. In the same year, the collaboration with Deloitte & Touche begins. The company enters a new growth path, doubles in size and evolves into an international organisation, offering a full range of professional services, while always maintaining the same values and legacies of its founders – Ethos, Integrity and Quality.

In recent years, Deloitte has undergone a process of reorganisation at a global scale, with the main goal of maximising quality and standardising services to its clients, very time, in every situation, everywhere. In this context, Deloitte Cyprus, along with 14 other countries of the Middle East, joined Deloitte North South Europe (NSE) in June 2020, a region which already included the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Malta. Through its presence in the regional network, as well as the participation of Deloitte Cyprus' CEO in the Middle East regional management team, Deloitte Cyprus' international role is enhanced. “The expertise and know-how of thousands of colleagues around the world is now even more accessible, something that has benefited our clients as we have access to a wide variety of skills and insights to better serve them, as well as provide more opportunities for our people and our society” said Markou in closing.

Our people have proven time and time again that they can adapt to the future of work and any challenges coming our way

Pieris Markou, CEO, Deloitte Cyprus