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The BERLIN 6th newsletter reveals the final phase of transforming buildings into self-sufficient and cost-effective

"BERLIN Cost-effective rehabilitation of public buildings into smart and resilient nano-grids using storage” is an ambitious project funded by the European Union under the ENI CBC Med Programme that brings together seven organisations from four Mediterranean countries, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, and Italy. Deloitte is one of the partners of BERLIN project, playing an instrumental role in implementing important project activities in terms of communication, dissemination & capitalisation, financial analysis and reporting, project and quality management.

In the sixth and final edition of the newsletter, BERLIN consortium presents the project's latest news and final results.

During the period of December 2022 to August 2023, the project entered in its final phase. All project activities were smoothly implemented and all the deliverables were fully completed. Throughout the project implementation period the partners were fully dedicated to deliver impactful work, leading to high-quality project results. The pilots in the four countries (Italy, Greece, Israel, Cyprus) were commissioned.

The data gathered from the pilot installations were compiled into the data analysis report. At the same time, partners are actively participating in networking events and scientific conferences in order to disseminate the results of the project effectively, maximise the project impact, and achieve greater project scalability by replicating solutions in other regions.

You can enjoy reading the newsletter at this link.

You can access all BERLIN results through the project’s official website and social media (Facebook and Twitter).