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Empowering a generation of scientists and innovators across Africa

Students from over 30 African countries came together in Senegal to test their critical problem-solving skills at the annual Pan-African Robotics Competition.

"With Africa predicted to be home to the world’s fastest growing youth population over the next 20 years,the education students receive today will be the engine that drives the continent's future."

Dr. Sidy Ndao recognised a gap in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning and established the Pan-African Robotics Competition (PARC). PARC provides a virtual learning platform and an annual competition event that unites the brightest young minds while challenging their critical thinking and building their confidence.

Each year, a new cohort of students from over 30 countries enroll in the programme. As they work together to apply their skills and create new solutions for challenges affecting the African continent, such as climate change, flooding, and conflict resolution, they’re asked to reframe challenges and given the tools they need to turn them into opportunities.

"The best part about PARC is seeing the enjoyment and satisfaction on the faces of young people as they not only solve problems, but in doing so realise that they can break social and economic stereotypes, and open new possibilities of learning and prosperity for their lives."

– Dr. Sidy Ndao

In 2021, Deloitte launched the WorldClass Education Challenge on UpLink to uncover innovative solutions that improve access to quality education in Africa and Asia. Dr. Sidy Ndao’s commitment to STEM education through the Pan-African Robotics Competition (PARC), and his virtual education initiatives stood out. As one of the Top 12 Innovators selected from the challenge, Deloitte is providing funding, pro-bono services and skilled volunteers to support Dr. Ndao’s ambition to impact one million lives by 2025.

Through PARC, Dr. Ndao is creating space for students to become confident leaders and encouraging them to see themselves as innovators and creators in today’s rapidly changing world. By applying their STEM learning to real-world problems, students are igniting their passion for learning and creating a ripple effect of change in their respective communities.

“At our very core, Deloitte is led by a purpose: to make an impact that matters. The African continent has many challenges and to have an opportunity to actively work towards solving them is incredibly rewarding. We know that entire generational cycles can change with education because it creates a ripple effect of opportunities. Driving this change can transform the continent.”

- Audrey Chitewe, Deloitte Africa Strategy Lead

PARC’s theme for 2022 was sustainable impact, with students being asked to develop technological innovations that enable economic, environmental, and social well-being. The competition saw students creating STEM-driven solutions from locally available products while overcoming both time-based and logistical challenges. The atmosphere was electric — and not only because students were innovating new ways to generate electricity from cow methane, among other innovative solutions.

Beyond PARC’s annual, in-person competition, Dr. Ndao provides students with a virtual learning experience that enables PARC to reach more bright minds across Africa. Deloitte Africa is enabling Dr. Ndao to scale this virtual technology by providing the consulting services to support the monetisation and growth strategies that will enable PARC to scale. Moreover, Deloitte funds scholarship and award opportunities for participating students. This multifaceted support for PARC and Dr. Ndao’s mission will encourage millions more students to achieve their ambitions and launch the next generation of young innovators into a brighter future.