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Putting skills and experience to work for future generations.

How Deloitte US is making a long-term commitment to creating social change, one future at a time.

Achieving higher levels of education is a crucial indicator of future economic mobility. Less than 50% of students who enroll in college are of racial or ethnic minority backgrounds, and an even smaller percentage are first-generation or low-income students. To help empower students and enable them to succeed, Deloitte US is collaborating with Braven to boost their education journey and create an impact that extends beyond their college years.

Dana O’Donovan, practice leader for Monitor Institute by Deloitte, has been working to support Braven’s mission and help their Fellows unlock quality opportunities — all while creating breakthrough approaches for addressing societal challenges through the Institute.

With 25 years of experience as an adviser, consultant and nonprofit executive, Dana collaborates with the CEOs and leadership teams of national foundations, nonprofits, and corporations to help transform their ability to drive social impact. “I thrive in a project-based environment with a wide array of responsibilities. I’m always working to understand challenges and how we think about evolving work to be as impactful as possible,” says Dana. It’s this experience that allows her to champion Braven’s mission with conviction. She hears directly from the Braven Fellows about the impact of the programme and how it positively changes outcomes for so many talented young people.

“…I’m always working to understand challenges and how we think about evolving work to be as impactful as possible.”

– Dana O’Donovan, practice leader for Monitor Institute by Deloitte.

Deloitte US’s relationship with Braven has been driven by collaboration, and it’s been a valued relationship since 2017. Dana attributes this to the alignment of our goals. “Deloitte is focused on driving new approaches to help create and address social change – in Braven’s case, that includes developing a systematic approach to building the next generation of leaders.” By embedding cutting-edge career education into the undergraduate experience for low-income and first-generation college students, Braven is able to help grow the number of students who have access to opportunities. This can enable more young people to gain experience through employment opportunities that enable economic autonomy.

This relationship with Braven is just one example of how Deloitte is committed to building a more equitable society and creating opportunities for the next generation of leaders. “Deloitte US's recent commitment of $1.5 billion over the next 10 years will see us collaborate with leaders and organizations who are closest to the communities and issues and help strengthen their efforts to uplift those who have historically been disadvantaged,” says Dana. It also serves as a way for Deloitte’s people to get involved in their local community and truly make an impact that matters by contributing to our aim of achieving lasting social impact and improving lives to help shape a more sustainable, equitable future.

“Our people know that equity is core to our values, so we create a multitude of opportunities for people to use their skills and experience to help solve tough issues and move progress forward.”

– Dana O’Donovan, practice leader for Monitor Institute by Deloitte

We focus on channeling our capabilities and our people’s passion through donations and workplace giving, skills-based volunteerism, pro bono service, nonprofit board and leadership service, and other opportunities.

Deloitte US looks forward to continuing to deepen its relationship with Braven while working together with other community leaders to help create positive change. By creating the pathways for broad social impact, Deloitte is enabling people to unlock opportunities and shift their trajectory for the better.