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Sravya Talanki

Director - Deloitte UK

We are Women in SAP. We master challenges, are built to evolve, and accelerate transformation. We break boundaries to make an impact by shattering traditional beliefs, redefining the art of the possible, creating a new future of how, why and where business gets done. Deloitte and business technology forces us to keep breaking the boundaries of the world we know. This could be you.

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Solving problems, winning hearts

Complexity lies at the core of the work that Sravya Talanki does for Deloitte and its SAP clients. ‘For me, challenging is exciting,” she says. “Implementing a solution to solve a specific problem for a client is different to every client and that makes it very challenging.”

As a UK-based leader for Deloitte’s SAP technical services market offering, Sravya brings a holistic approach for addressing customer challenges. She is intently focused on the five pillars of people, strategy, project delivery, sales, and innovation—and on closing the gaps between delivery, sales and innovation. It can be tough work, but the goal is always simple: to win the hearts of clients and colleagues while creating an impact that delivers value and innovation. To do that, Sravya embeds concrete actions into her approach—helping teams continuously learn, removing obstacles for clients by applying lessons learned and prioritising the work that Deloitte undertakes for SAP customers.

Sharing what she knows is central to her journey in the SAP world. An avid SAP blogger for more than a decade, Sravya is known worldwide for the insights she shares on technology implementation and business transformation. Over the years, through blogging she has built a reputation for helping SAP consultants address common challenges, grow their skillsets and build their careers. Blogging has also helped her connect with new people around the world and get additional insights into organisations’ needs.

Joining Deloitte as part of an acquisition in 2020, Sravya has brought an extensive SAP-focused background to the work she does every day—with more than two decades of transformation experience. And her biggest points of pride still involve solving complex challenges—such as meeting clients’ extremely high expectations while staying under budget. One of her keys to success: looking at problems from different angles while leading teams toward solutions that will delight customers.

To do that, she strives to create a fun environment where Deloitte colleagues can freely share unique perspectives and experiences, step forward with new ideas and not be afraid to fail—all while growing their skills in IT, consulting and business innovation.