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Mia Budan

Partner - Deloitte Middle East

We are Women in SAP. We master challenges, are built to evolve, and accelerate transformation. We break boundaries to make an impact by shattering traditional beliefs, redefining the art of the possible, creating a new future of how, why and where business gets done. Deloitte and business technology forces us to keep breaking the boundaries of the world we know. This could be you.

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Orchestrating growth

Some people are natural fits for the world of SAP. Mia Buban is one of them—and she believes that there are plenty of others out there who would thrive in the opportunities that come with a career focussed on SAP and business transformation.

Originally interested in a career in medicine, Mia decided instead on a career path that would play to her strengths in math and logical thinking. That path ran straight to SAP—where her focus has remained for more than two decades. Today, as a technology leader for Deloitte Middle East, she leverages years of experience and responsibility to guide clients through digitally enabled business transformations.

Mia sees transformation as more than the mechanics of implementing a technology. For her, it’s about harmonisation—and about orchestrating a diverse mix of talents, capabilities, processes and tools to help clients achieve their business objectives while helping individuals thrive in their roles.

“I get to be part of that journey in making that vision become a reality,” she says. “Transformation moves me. It is always exciting to be at the core of bringing together all the elements of people, process, data and technology to be successful.”

Whether it’s project management, a role focussed on a specific business function such as HR, procurement, finance, supply chain and logistics, or a more technical position, SAP transformation is an area in which women can play to their strengths—while having opportunities to work with some of greatest companies in the world, according to Mia. It’s about turning chaos into “cohesion,” embedding strategic thinking, delivering excellence, focussing on outcomes and winning the hearts and minds of people engaged in a transformation journey.

Joining Deloitte in 2020 after many years with another professional services company, she has quickly found her own path for thriving within the firm—describing Deloitte as an organisation that values human connections and embodies a true sense of partnership. And that is especially important as diversity and human-centric business practices become greater priorities for Deloitte clients.