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Poonam Singh

Managing Partner, Risk Advisory-Deloitte Canada & Chile

We are the Women in Risk Advisory. We solve complex problems and foresee risks. We innovate and analyse. We incubate and referee. We help our clients build resilient, sustainable organisations. We imagine new possibilities, connecting trust, resilience, and security to make an impact that matters. We need more like us. We need more like you.

Meet Poonam. As the managing partner for Risk Advisory in Canada and Chile, Poonam is responsible for setting strategic directions at Deloitte and for external clients. She helps organizations operate safely and securely, ensuring they are resilient and prepared to function sustainably in this rapidly changing world.

Poonam oversees performance for approximately 150 partners and directors at Deloitte Risk Advisory. She is passionate about bringing a diversity of experiences to her team, whose professionals’ backgrounds range from computer science, engineering and anthropology to environmental sciences and law.

In Poonam’s opinion, women uniquely combine practical, logical thinking with intuition and empathy, making them ideal candidates for careers in Risk Advisory services. As she puts it, by having more women on the team, “we make our business more resilient and become more creative and more innovative as an organization.”

An accomplishment Poonam is proud of is her participation in Deloitte’s pivotal acquisition of Isaac, a Canadian consulting firm. Isaac's work centred on helping organisations define and pursue their purpose. For Poonam, working at the forefront of this acquisition was a meaningful opportunity to invest in and actualise Deloitte’s commitment to lead with purpose.

Poonam’s advice to women considering a career in Risk? “Have an open mind.” If you are interested in incubating and commercialising ideas; in advising governments and organisations as they solve complex problems; in diving into areas of specific expertise and connecting the dots between broader questions, Risk is a good fit for you.

The spectrum of what you can do is so wide,

she says.

Don’t limit yourself.

We need more like Poonam. We need more like you.

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