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Korynne Bernard

Senior Manager, Risk Advisory-Deloitte US

We are the Women in Risk Advisory. We solve complex problems and foresee risks. We innovate and analyse. We incubate and referee. We help our clients build resilient, sustainable organisations. We imagine new possibilities, connecting trust, resilience and security to make an impact that matters. We need more like us. We need more like you.

Meet Korynne. She's a senior manager in Risk Advisory at Deloitte US, where she's part of the advisory Accounting & Internal controls group. Korynne has more than 17 years of experience and specialies in providing clients in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) space with internal audit services as well as helping them understand how to design and implement internal controls to effectively mitigate business risks. Specifically, she works with social media and artificial intelligence (AI) clients. "Who knew two decades ago that content consumption would be in the palm of our hands?" she says. "And with that comes a lot of new risks that no one knew about before."

Luckily, Korynne loves problem-solving and she's enjoyed a unique opportunity to help clients solve for risks that other companies simply haven't had to address—all while anticipating future trends and the related challenges that may arise. She says that a lot of social media clients are looking for a solution provider to really "walk the walk and join them on their journey" as they grow and navigate the rapidly changing risk landscape. Whether helping clients maintain financial compliance, mitigate operational risks, or manage evolving government regulations, Korynne says it's crucial to focus on thinking outside the box.

"There's always room for more diversity of thought when it comes to Risk and women bring a great perspective," she says. If more women join Risk Advisory, she notes, there will be more mentors and leaders to help elevate the next generation of women in Risk. "I've had amazing leaders within Deloitte who really helped me navigate my career." She also acknowledges Deloitte's focus on learning and professional development, in addition to well-being and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). "We really care about our people here. Not only do we get the full array of client experiences, we get to work in an environment where we're consistently challenged and constantly learning."

Korynne recommends honing your analytical and problem-solving skills is you're considering a career in Risk. She says that "being solution-oriented and thinking critically" is particularly important, as clients count on us to help them identify when and where potential risks exist, and then prescribe a course of action if needed.

"When I see my clients succeed and overcome their growing pains, I'm also able to grow and learn from them—it's incredibly rewarding."

We need more like Korynne. We need more like you.

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