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Faiza Qureshi

Manager, Risk Advisory - Deloitte South Asia

We are the Women in Risk Advisory. We solve complex problems and foresee risks. We innovate and analyse. We incubate and referee. We help our clients build resilient, sustainable organisations. We imagine new possibilities, connecting trust, resilience and security to make an impact that matters. We need more like us. We need more like you.

Meet Faiza. As a Risk Advisory manager in Mumbai, India, part of the Deloitte South Asia member firm, Faiza serves a variety of clients in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) industry. She's a chartered accountant and certified public accountant (CPA) and focusses on helping clients manage accounting and internal controls, while identifying the appropriate financial and business applications to effectively mitigate risk.

Faiza says the opportunity to work with so many different people is one of the most exciting parts of working in Risk Advisory. "People have varied backgrounds with different fields of expertise, which only enhances my professional experiences." Collaborating with both colleagues and clients is an important aspect of her job. "When I can really connect with different people and understand their problems, I'm able to provide better solutions—and also create a better version of myself," Faiza says. She also highlights the strong ethics that drive the Risk Advisory practice: "I feel like a better human being knowing that I'm helping clients do the right thing, at the right time."

While Faiza spent more than a decade of her career as a finance professional, she says her transition to a business professional in Risk Advisory was a natural and welcome transition. "I was determined to excel in other areas outside of finance. Deloitte offered a safe environment for me to do this, with people-focused policies that helped me feel supported." Deloitte's learning and development programmes for new professionals, as well as the variety of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programmes designed to support women professionals, all helped Faiza excel in the role. She feels fortunate that both her clients and Deloitte differentiate people based on talent, not by gender.

Faiza especially enjoys working on global projects where she can travel and meet people from all around the world. "There's so much variety in my job," she says, referring to working in Risk Advisory and interacting with clients to develop unique solutions as "an adrenaline rush."

"What better place than Risk Advisory if you want to work with clients and people from different industries, with all different backgrounds and skillsets? There's so much to learn. It thrills me every day."

We need more like Faiza. We need more like you.

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