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Christina Keing

Partner, Risk Advisory - Deloitte Melbourne

We are the women in cyber. The few protecting the many. The underrepresented, who over influence. The half of the world, who see the problems differently, who solve them uniquely. We are the women in cyber safeguarding society. Protecting us all. We need more like us. We need more like you.

Meet Christina, a newly promoted Partner in Deloitte Australia’s Cyber team. Christina works with clients as their trusted cybersecurity expert to solve complex security challenges, drive progress in a dynamic and digital world, and build more confident futures.

Christina’s cyber career began over 20 years ago, when she started finding her feet in what was an especially elusive career choice for women. After obtaining a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) qualification, she kickstarted a solid foundation for her journey in the newly created role of head of security for a tertiary education institution.

Now, Christina is an empowered leader with a strategic vision – delivering digital innovations under cloud-first, agile strategies. Her passion for technology and managing the threats and pursuing the opportunities it presents – from AI and automated botnets, to Internet of Things (IOT) – keeps her enthusiasm high.

Even the most challenging aspects of her role motivate her to take innovative approaches to preventing, detecting, and responding to cyber threats and attacks.

Christina is deeply passionate about solving the substantial talent gap in cyber – acknowledging that while it’s an important issue, it will also take time. With millions of open positions globally, and not enough qualified people to fill them, she is committed to taking proactive steps to create an attractive, inclusive, and sustainable cyber culture.

To women considering a career in cyber, Christina’s advice is to stay curious and enjoy learning.

Visit the Women in Cyber Australia page for more details.

We need more like Christina. We need more like you.

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