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Kun Tian

Senior Consultant, Consulting - Deloitte Japan

We are the Women in Cloud. We solve problems, see possibilities and create impact. We are making a difference, from the first day of school to the corner office, and from the farmer’s field to the factory floor. This could be you.

She made the leap with cloud

As Kun Tian was growing up, she thought information technology was “like air” – that society could not live without it. This belief led her to current career in cloud. In university, she majored in computer science, where she started to see the impact of technology in solving business problems. And as information technology has evolved, she has seen how cloud has become the one of the most important enablers in an organisation’s business transformation journey. “Cloud makes everything simple. You can click the button so you can have your own server within five minutes -- that speeds up everything in the system and speeds up the IT contribution to the business side.” She loves the speed that cloud brings to businesses – allowing for more cost-efficient and economical operations and speedy go-to-market decision-making for business stakeholders.

Kun started her professional journey as a systems engineer with a software company and developed strong technical skills. She realised that she would need to develop business acumen to leverage technology for her clients. She had a few close friends who encouraged her to apply at Deloitte, Kun then pivoted to a consulting career and was pleasantly surprised at the number of women in management and the diversity on her teams, including across nationalities and gender.

Kun has seen how “you can do everything in Deloitte—you can decide what you are going to do or if you want to take another chance” at trying new things. She is proud of the path she has taken and is energised by the praise and appreciation she receives from her clients. Her projects have been impactful and she has developed deep relationships with her clients who want to work with her as long as they are working with Deloitte. Being on a diverse team, Kun says she can use her strengths as an engineer while combining the business knowledge of her team mates to provide innovative solutions – and to bring this holistic, creative view is “why we need more women, more engineers and more consultants.”

Being results oriented, she sees Deloitte as a company that encourages everyone to be successful, including women and asks if you have an interest in cloud and making client businesses better then why not “just join us?”

This could be you as your cloud career starts here at Deloitte, connect with Kun at

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