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Katie Jackson

Partner, Financial Crime, Forensic, Deloitte UK

We are the women in Forensic. We navigate complexity and respond to critical business events while building trust. We turn vulnerability into strength and manage crises you read about in the news. We solve threats today and protect against risks in the future. We innovate, investigate and find solutions to critical issues facing our clients and communities to shape a better tomorrow. We need more like us. We need more like you.

“My role is also about helping to nurture and grow the talent of the future so that I leave a legacy. It’s important to bring other people with you, because we are far better together than we are on our own.”

Meet Katie. Specialising in the financial services sector and particularly on financial crime, she leads the Forensic Practice for Deloitte UK, where she helps clients solve some of their most important—and sometimes daunting—challenges. “The financial crime landscape is quite complex and there are a series of obligations and responsibilities on our clients,” she says. “My role is to help them understand what the regulations say and how to apply them in practice.”

Financial crime is a high priority for many clients and consumers alike, and people suffering as result of some of this illegal activity. Katie finds purpose in helping those in need. “I think the work that we do has a real impact, helping to protect often some of the most vulnerable in society.”

Katie believes there’s value in bringing a whole range of diversity, including gender, to forensic. “It creates a much broader range of opinions, backgrounds and experiences to draw upon. It sets the example for others. More diversity gives you a more inclusive work environment.” Our clients expect us to have gender-balanced teams so that we’re able to show up and truly understand their perspectives, Katie says, noting that research indicates increased diversity can also lead to better financial performance. “More diversity enables a more inclusive work environment and sets an example for others. When we demonstrate this, I think clients take us and our solutions more seriously.”

We need more like Katie.

We need more like you.

Join us.