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Juliana Sato

Senior Manager, Forensic, Deloitte Brazil

We are the women in Forensic. We navigate complexity and respond to critical business events while building trust. We turn vulnerability into strength and manage crises you read about in the news. We solve threats today and protect against risks in the future. We innovate, investigate, and find solutions to critical issues facing our clients and communities to shape a better tomorrow. We need more like us. We need more like you.

“We need women. We need people who bring different ideas. We need multidisciplinary teams in order to grow the firm and become the best practice that we can.”

Meet Juliana. She is a senior manager in Deloitte’s Forensic & Dispute Services practice in Brazil. She has over 10 years of consulting experience in anti-bribery and anti-corruption due diligence, corporate investigations, disputes and technical support in litigation. Juliana loves how we help organisations identify any indications of misconduct or fraud that may impact the client. “I'm most passionate when we help people avoid corruption and fraud and I’m left with this feeling that I am contributing to society.”

Juliana also has strong feelings about the need for more women to work in Forensic, noting it’s a disservice to clients when there are not diverse voices and perspectives as part of the problem-solving process. “I feel that I found my home at Deloitte because they make everyone feel so welcome. They have many programmes that support women. They hear you. They make you feel comfortable to share and present your ideas and they give you all the tools you need to help your career grow in the best way possible.”

Juliana finds pride in sharing her vast experience and knowledge with new team members and says it's because of the inviting culture of Deloitte that, “it’s instinctual to want to develop your team and teach others.”

“I think this is one of the things that makes me love the work that we do—when we actually can help others try to avoid bad things happening in the world.”

We need more like Juliana.

We need more like you.

Join us.