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Digital transformation in the future of manufacturing

How will smart factory initiatives accelerate the digital journey for manufacturers?


Leaders have a broad range of choices and opportunities with respect to smart factory transformations, both in terms of which technologies to use and how to deploy them. This report, explores successful smart factory transformations offering insights into some of the best practices and common approaches to smart factory adoption to help manufacturers get started, succeed and realise greater value through the deployment of smart factory technologies.

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Manufacturing goes digital: Smart factories have the potential to spark labour productivity

Smart factories will be a game changer for the manufacturing industry. They could potentially ignite stalled labour productivity and unlock the key to productivity. But, how are manufacturers pursuing smart factory initiatives to drive business impact? To understand this in detail, Deloitte and the Manufacturer’s Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) jointly launched a study in April 2019.

This report, developed from the findings of the research, offers a deeper dive into some of the best practices for adopting smart factory initiatives and 10 common approaches to smart factory adoption that can be part of manufacturers’ “playbook” for getting started. It also identifies the top use cases of smart factory technology, common adoption patterns and how manufacturers measure value from smart factory initiatives―and are already seeing benefits.

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Get insights on Smart Factory transformation status across key regions

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Everything old is new again: Implementing your smart factory strategy

By Vincent Rutgers, Global Leader, Industrial Products & Construction

How is digitization shaping the future of manufacturing?

In this blog, Vincent Rutgers deep dives into the key drivers of a successful smart factory implementation journey. He believes that every successful project sticks to certain fundamental principles and a smart factory is no exception. He urges manufacturers to take those basic parameters into consideration when planning their smart factory implementation project.

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Implementing the Smart Factory

Listen to our webinar on Implementing the Smart Factory: New perspectives for driving value. Our Deloitte UK Industry 4 leaders discuss seven key themes for successfully implementing a smart factory and driving value.

Coffee with Mr. IoT

Vincent discusses trends he’s seeing as manufacturers around the world adopt smart factory/Industry 4.0 technologies, the human impact that’s often overlooked when businesses go digital, and his long career in manufacturing and consulting, which began with Philips literally at birth.

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