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Non-Financial Risk Management Insights Series

Implementing an integrated framework for financial institutions


Insights Series


We are pleased to welcome you to BUCF's Non-Financial Risk (NFR) Insights series. The series serves as a continuation of our original Point of View: The pressing case to design and implement a Non-Financial Risk Management Framework.

Issue # 1 – Risk Taxonomy and Risk Identification


March 2018


A thorough analysis of a bank’s risk profile that takes into consideration its business model and strategic direction is a fundamental prerequisite of an effective risk and control management framework; it necessitates a comprehensive risk taxonomy and a dynamic Risk Identification process.

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What's next in 2018?

Extend risk appetite frameworks across non-financial risks and ensure accountability by cascading to line of business level, timely monitoring and tangible management actions and limit framework

Selecting and deploying a common infrastructure to link processes to controls and support measurement and management of risks, while enhancing automation and transparency

Creating a common reporting framework, where risks are monitored and communicated consistently across all lines of defence

Perspectives to deploy qualitative and quantitative methodologies in order to measure and monitor NFRs

Ideas to leverage a rationalized inventory of controls across a wider spectrum of risks and processes

Adapting the existing governance model to include NFRs, with clear responsibilities across all risks

Our Insights Series by Deloitte's Banking Union Centre


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