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Real Estate Predictions 2021

Prepare to adapt to the changing market with Real Estate

Deloitte's Real Estate Industry Predictions looks at trends including articles about the future of work, sustainability, digitalisation and innovation in the real estate sector.

The global real estate industry has seen dramatic impacts across all asset types over the past year – shops are shuttered, offices are empty and many establishments remain at limited capacity. Deloitte’s team of global Real Estate professionals has compiled 13 articles on topics we believe will impact the real estate sector over the upcoming year.

This report, Real Estate Predictions 2021, created by Deloitte Netherlands, gathers insights from more than 10 countries for an inspiring outlook on 2021 and beyond.

The articles include:

  • 5G as an enabler for new and smarter ways of working
  • Gaming the commercial real estate talent conundrum
  • Gaining a competitive edge in real estate with AI-driven geospatial analytics
  • Innovation & construction in the shade of global crisis
  • The virtual office for Corporate Real Estate
  • Real Estate-as-a-Service: From “product and space” to “system and service”
  • The impact of social good on real estate
  • Understanding Private Rented Sector property
  • Optimising your use of office space and real estate footprint–The time to prepare for the future of work is now
  • Protecting your identity in the digital world-self-sovereign identity and real estate
  • Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. How to cope with the impact of climate change
  • Digitalisation is here to stay-How to achieve an effective digital transformation in real estate
  • How to support strategic decision making in real estate-Combining AI and real estate market expertise to enable forecasting
  • We would be happy to discuss the Real Estate Predictions, and its effects on your organisation.

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