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Platform business models

Private equity opportunities in the life sciences and healthcare sector

Platform businesses are rewiring the traditional value chain. In nearly every industry, well-thought-out platform businesses typically beat traditional businesses because of superior unit economics and network effects. With an estimated US$1 trillion opportunity for platform businesses in healthcare, private equity funds should look to transition select portfolio companies to platform businesses and command higher valuations.

This report identifies plays for healthtech and medtech portfolio companies to transition to platform businesses and offers examples of how players are doing this in the market today. To begin transformation to a platform business, companies should ask the following questions:

  • What part of my business or capabilities can be delegated to the ecosystem?
  • Which partners should I consider and how do I incentivise them on my platform?
  • What monetisation models should be considered for the new business?
  • How do I quickly test the viability of the business model before scaling?
  • How do I organise my operating model to sustain a platform business?

Through the adoption of a platform business model, private equity-backed healthtech and medtech companies and the private equity funds themselves, can effectively navigate dynamic industry shifts and evolving provider and patient needs.


Teresa Leste
US Life Sciences Private Equity, Principal
Deloitte Consulting, LLP

Pedro Arboleda
US Medtech Private Equity, Managing Director
Deloitte Consulting, LLP

Boris Kheyn-Kheyfets
US Healthtech Private Equity, Senior Manager
Deloitte Consulting, LLP

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