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Frictionless Finance: Driving Data to Value

Data analytics is top of finance professionals’ minds as they strive to promote progress, efficiency and decision-making.

Finance business partners are vital to businesses and organisations that rely on you to support sound decision-making. To combat the compression of time and increased competition and complexity, future-ready finance organisations have removed the friction from key finance processes through relentless automation. They’ve claimed ownership of the finance data model, creating a data value chain where those within the enterprise are informed and empowered to make the best decisions.

In this whitepaper, Deloitte, Workday and AICPA offer a roadmap and practical use cases using Workday solutions to accelerate digital finance. Based on the eight trends detailed in Deloitte’s “Finance 2025 Revisited” report, this whitepaper explores how to:

  • Speed up the data-to-decision process
  • Remove friction from key finance processes, such as the close
  • Deliver business-driven insights

The piece features perspectives from:

  • Amy Feirn – Deputy CEO, Deloitte
  • Matt Schwenderman – Principal and National Practice Leader Workday Financials, Deloitte
  • Mike Danitz – Principal, Finance and Enterprise Performance, Deloitte
  • Robynne Sisco –Co-President, Workday
  • Barbara Larson – Chief Financial Officer, Workday
  • Kinnari Desai – Vice President, Business Finance, Workday
  • Mike Magaro – Senior Vice President, Business Finance and Investor Relations, Workday
  • Ash Noah – Vice President and Managing Director, Management Accounting, AICPA & CIMA
  • Andrew Harding – Chief Executive – Management Accounting, AICPA & CIMA

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