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The Smart Factory @ Montreal

Accelerating the adoption of smart manufacturing technologies in Canada

The future of manufacturing and supply chains is both physical and digital. Applying leading-edge capabilities to digitalise supply networks brings incredible efficiencies to operations. And at the heart of these digital supply networks—propelling companies as they transform their existing manufacturing systems using emerging technologies—are smart factories.

Business leaders can now explore this concept at The Smart Factory @ Montreal. A cutting-edge experience centre and a part of Deloitte’s global Smart Factory network, this facility showcases the latest innovative technologies from our alliance partners, including AWS, Siemens and Cisco. Visitors can enjoy an immersive experience with simulations, demos and workshops—including integrated assets of the smart warehouse experience —to help them understand how to improve their business operations.

The Smart Factory @ Montreal will empower our clients to chart their own digital industrial transformation journeys and help accelerate the adoption of leading-edge manufacturing technologies in Canada.

The possibilities of digitalisation

The Smart Factory @ Montreal features a variety of use cases and workshops that explore the possibilities of digitalisation. Emerging technologies are enabling step-change improvements in productivity, quality, cost, safety and sustainability, including:

  • Factory asset intelligence
    Maximising predictive maintenance using artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) with real-time, condition-based monitoring of assets
  • Quality sensing and detection
    Validating process and material quality with computer-vision systems and automated defect removal
  • Predictive workforce management and dynamic scheduling
    Advanced planning capabilities with real-time data feeds from ERP (human resources, inventory, scheduling, etc.) and industrial data platforms
  • Augmented workforce efficiency
    Advancing performance and productivity with augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR), remote operations support and safety-focused wearables
  • Optimised power consumption, management and sustainability
    Harnessing building management systems to reduce water and energy usage and to advance greenhouse gas emissions tracking
  • Digital twins and product life cycle management (PLM)
    Using digital twins for simulations and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) improvements of equipment assets, production lines and factories, and PLM for product development, design and testing

To learn more about our tailored programmes, from assembly-line simulations to asset demos, please reach out to one of our key contacts below.

Explore the Deloitte’s global Smart Factory network.

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