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Intelligent mining

Delivering real value

To capitalise on the digital revolution, mining companies need to drive radical change. Many still focus on point solutions and underestimate internal organisational barriers and bureaucracy that can hinder their ability to disrupt and prosper. Digital technology providers often take a siloed or “technology first” approach, which can lead to confusion and disconnected initiatives that do not realise full potential.

Deloitte Intelligent Mining is about broader organisational transformation, and not just a “digital mine”. Intelligent Mining transforms the way decisions are made, the skills you require, how you engage with your workforce and communities and how to optimally utilise resources, such as energy. This transformation programme should be self-funding and it’s pace is driven more by people change than technology.

Deloitte has, and will continue to invest in the technology solutions that enable your transformation to Intelligent Mining. These pre-configured solutions are based on best-in-class platforms from our established partner network, integrated through a robust, but flexible technology architecture. Deloitte’s pre-configured use cases and Digital Value Office (DVO) incubate the transformation journey by enabling rapid value realisation through collaboration, transparency and the right partnerships.

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