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Showing the evolving face of consumer behaviour

There are few sources for data-driven insights to help consumer businesses understand and navigate these fast-changing times. ConsumerSignals makes it easy for you to access consistent, high-quality data on consumer sentiment and behaviour in retail, consumer products, automotive and travel. And the data is continually Update so that you can track current trends.

Originally launched in 2020 to understand the effects of the COVID crisis on consumer spending around the world, ConsumerSignals provides reliable and nuanced insights into consumer behaviour in more than 20 countries. Our research has evolved and been adapted to help assess consumer sentiment related to other timely Issue, such as climate change. Where will consumers pay more for sustainable products? How are they responding to climate policy? We are also examining how people are adjusting their working habits in the post-COVID world, helping companies determine their employee strategies.

Your window into the consumer mind


With consumer behaviour continuously shifting, ConsumerSignals can be your go-to source of reliable, objective data and insights for making strategic business decisions.

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